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While we're in a long string of Holiday seasons, lets keep things a little festive. For this assignment you are to write about your favorite holiday. Be as descriptive as possible. What makes it your favorite? Is there a special memory attached to it? What smells or sounds remind you of it?

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Promise me a place in your house of memories

Halloween. I love Halloween, so much. There’s candy (I have a massive sweet tooth), there’s costumes (I like dressing up. I make my own.), and horror movies. I love horror movies. Good, bad, doesn’t matter, I will watch it. There’s pumpkin carving, which is ridiculously fun, partly because it’s so …

The Best Holiday

Let me tell you, through my whole life I have always LOVED Christmas!! My degree of love for it is almost unhealthy. There is just something about all the happiness that makes me want to stay in the time forever.

I recall smelling all the pine scents from the candles …

Favorite holiday.


My favorite holiday will be Christmas. Christmas beside that we celebrate the born of Jesus, is the time of the year that all my family gets together. It does not matter if they are across the continent, they gather together and we celebrate it. I started the tradition to …

Turkey Day

The greatest holiday of all is when the family is sitting around a big table talking about stories of the past and eating as much food as possible. If turkey does not tikle your fancy they try some mash potatoes and gravy, corn, carrots and so much more.

Easter Kitty

The First writing assignment I chose is Holifaves which is to write about your favorite holiday. Personally, my favorite holiday is Easter. Growing up in a Catholic family and having attended Catholic school, Easter was one of the big holidays we celebrated at home, in the classroom, and at church. …


When it starts snowing and we start gather around the fireplace and drink warm hot chocolate I know it is time for my favorite holiday. When I see the red, green, and white color combined I think of joy, excitement, and gathering. When I smell Cinnamon candles in the house,

Happy Holidays Writing Assignment

2 Stars

Out of all the holidays I would have to say my favorite is Halloween. A strange one, I know. When I was younger I would love going to Party City and seeing the “wall of costumes”. I’d always get so excited over all the choices, all the possibilities. …


I’m not sure if Breast Cancer Awareness Day is technically a holiday, but to me it is.

Breast Cancer Awareness Day is possibly the most influential day of my life, my grandmother was the biggest influence in my life and passed away of it when I was only three years …

Turkey Day!

The crisp, cool air and the smell of food cooking in the house.  Walking into a steaming hot kitchen, along with the sounds of clanging pans and the ruckus of all of the out-of-state family members.

Food is on the stove, in the oven, and the turkey is being fried …


I absolutely love all Holiday’s which makes it almost impossible for me to just one to claim as my favorite! I have a top three for my favorite Holidays! Christmas (of course), New Years and Valentine’s Day! These are my favorite holidays! Christmas is one of my favorites because when …

Why I Love 4th of July

This is the pioneer post for my newly created Writing Assignment, Holifaves. This assignment is to tell about your favorite holiday in the most descriptive way possible.

My favorite holiday is the fourth of July. I don’t think there’s a single thing I would change about it. I love …

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My favorite festival

The third assignment that I chose to pick from the assignment is related to the favorite holiday. So here you go:

My favorite festival is Eid-ul-Fitr. It is not a holiday in US. But I grew up in a country where it always was. So, today I will talk about …