I made tea.

_cokwr: We need to learn the value of stripping things down, removing the cruft, making more with less. Take a large body of text and reduce it continually until you’re left with something that still holds all its meaning but is much more succinct and approachable. Use this tool to make a visual representation of these edits: http://www.telescopictext.org/, _cpzh4: Visual, _cre1l: http://www.timmmmyboy.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/12/Picture-1-580×322.png, _chk2m: Tim Owens, _ciyn3: 10, _ckd7g: <a rel=’tag’>VisualAssignments10</a>, _clrrx: <a rel=’tag’>VisualAssignments</a>, _cztg3: <a rel=’tag’>VisualTutorials10</a>