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Make a Workout Video!

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Make a video that shows us how you workout! You can do an instructional video or a video similar to what you may see from a fitness expert on social media. Be creative!

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Fun With Mini Bands !!

Original Assignment… 4 Stars:

Make a Workout Video!

I saw this option for assignments we could pick and I knew I HAD to do it. This is just some. I am always on TikTok so I always see workout videos like this. However, I never see them using Mini Bands …

i’m also an exercise instructor

so one of my news resolutions this year was to exercise more! that did not work out (shocking, right?). So as scary and upsetting as this corona situation is, I figured maybe its a good time to start exercising. I knew it was fate when I saw the assignment in …

Home Workout Since We Can’t Use the Gym (4 stars)

This week for one of my video assignments I decided to create a home work out video to share with you guys. Now I am not a fitness expert at all so I joined my roommate in her everyday routine. These few exercises are what she does to warm up …

Make a Workout Video

For this Video Assignment I was prompted to make a workout video and I thought this would be a good opportunity to put a fun Coronavirus take on the assignment. I love working out so I also used this project to make light of the fact that I miss the …

Workout Time!

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This assignment is worth 4 stars!

I saw this assignment in the assignment bank and knew I wanted to try it out. With the gyms being closed we have had to get creative with our workouts. I wanted to get my parents involved and …

Street Parking is Always Open

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Can’t stop, won’t stop. Constant #spsummercamp2020 prep. Supporting each other until camp next year so we can show up as our best selves to throw down with our teams. #streetparkingmembers #streetparking #anotherpromisekept #teamrenegaderow #teamlungester #spsiblingrivalry #bruteforcesandbags

A post shared by Ivelisse Maddalena (@everydayisdayone_sp) on Jun …

Workout at home!

Most of us are stuck at home because of the coronavirus. It’s been advised to not go anywhere and a lot of businesses are taking things into their own hands and closing to help encourage social distancing.

This means that most gyms are closed too. So, what I decided to …

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