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Has Clickbait gone too far? I want to talk about youtube and clickbait and bring up the issue The reason I wanted to give this topic a shot is because cause I don't really see many people talking about clickbait I mean we consume it so much every single day. I know that most of us use youtube we are in all different communities of youtube. We have so many favorite YouTubers but there are a lot of them that clickbait some clickbait issues that are seen on youtube are the sexual ones, click this link you'll get free money or free in-game currency in a specific game, this person did this clickbait or even omg she's pregnant. There are so many different kinds of clickbait and it becomes an issue. Yes, we as young adults mainly use youtube but there are so many young kids that use youtube- should their parents monitor what they do? definitely but, that's not what I'm talking about today. Kids click these links to get free v bucks and get scammed kids see a sexual image for the thumbnail of the picture saying something like I get a kill in this game she takes one piece of clothing off. It obviously never gets too far because it's youtube but many people use these scammy and sexual click-baits to draw in many people it shouldn't be this way but it is. I just wanna put this message out there to see who else will agree with me I am just one person and can only do so much maybe bringing this message out there can help spread this message out there and we can hopefully get youtube back to how it should be a place for everyone to come and have a place like it was originally back in 2012.

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