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Pop Star out of Place

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Take a picture of a pop star (either one that you took or found online) and put them in a place that you probably wouldn't see them! Have fun with it!!

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Submissions So Far

Prince is Going Places

For my last Visual Assignment of the week, I decided to put a Pop Star Out of Place. It is a 3.5 star assignment that asks creators to take an image of a pop star and put them into an unsuspecting (or just an unrelated) background.

I decided to take …

The Terminator in A Fairytale

When hunting Sarah Connor, the Terminator can sometimes make the wrong turn. For this visual assignment, we had to take a 1980s star and put them somewhere we would never see them. I used photoshop to place Arnold Schwarzenegger from the 1984 classic The Terminator. The movie is very dark …

What are you doing here?

For my last visual assignment I decided to do, Pop Star out of Place. For this assignment I wanted to take a pop star from the 80s and put them somewhere that they would not typically be. I decided to do Whitney Houston and to put her in the desert. …

Madonna Spotted in Fredericksburg

For this assignment, I had some fun making it and used some creativity to make it funny, or at least I find it funny. I had the idea to use Madonna since she is an 80s icon, however it made it difficult to try to find a place where she …

Pop Star Out of Place 80’s edition (3 and 1/2 stars)

For this assignment I chose to use 80’s icon Cyndi Lauper and put her on a stage that she is not quite used to singing on, Disney World! First I took a picture of her and traced it to create a cut out that I could then paste on top …

Popstar Out of Place

For this assignment we had to take a picture of a pop star and put them into a location where you wouldn’t usually find them. I decided to stick with our 80s theme and use Freddy Mercury from Queen as my pop star. I then decided to put him at …

Pop Star Out of Place

I decided to incorporate our theme into this assignment. Once again I used the Photo Image Editor Pixelstyle app for MaxOS. So per 80’s style I have attached an image from a KISS concert in the 80’s. But, if you look closely you might see an extra guitar player that …

80s Pop Star Out Of Place

I went to Google and searched images of Michael Jackson and churches. I placed the photo of the church first into Photo Image Editor Pixelstyle as the background layer. Next, I placed Michael Jackson on the top layer. I edited and erased the Michael Jackson image so he would blend …

Why is Brendon Urie there?

I thought the idea of this assignment was so funny. I never thought about a situation of me meeting a celebrity quite honestly, considering I live so far from California or any place that any celebrity I’d want to see would ever visit. So, I loved the idea of doing …

Lil Wayne is NOT my President

This is Lil Wayne in the oval office. I thought it was perfect since he is the last person I could think of that the President would want in his office. It is 3 and a half stars

Pop Star Out of Place

3.5 stars

I had fun with this one. Its a little controversial but Kevin Hart’s facial reactions some up my life when dealing with politics and watching the political campaigns. …

Goodbye Chris… (Assignment Bank #10)

Pop Star Out Of Place

Take a picture of a pop star (either one that you took or found online) and put them in a place that you probably wouldn’t see them! Have fun with it!!


For this assignment, I decided to go a little bit interstellar with my …

Remix 2

For the 2nd remix, I did the Pop Star Out of Place assignment and remixed it. I decided to use the set of Happy Days as the place that the pop star would be out of place in and Harry Styles as my pop star because he was the first …

????…?- visual assignment –

Greetings all!

Today’s visual assignment was one that caught my eye…specifically because of the memes. I chose the “Pop Star Out of Place” assignment because you can literally throw our favorite virtual diva into any realistic situation and it’s definitely out of place but also quite funny.

So of course, …

Agent Swift, Cyber-Security Analyst

For this week’s mission itinerary, I decided to complete the Visual Assignment “Pop Star Out of Place” ( In creating my concept, I attempted to juxtapose a pop star with a spy-themed setting to match our semester’s missions, and I thought a James Bond backdrop was a natural fit for …

Gaga on heaven’s gate

Assignment details available at:

Lady Gaga is one of the best and fascinating pop star of the present times. She has been has come up with unique song videos. These videos provide the lyrics a unique meaning which are really different than the literal meaning in my opinion. …


Today, paparazzi spotted hip-hop artist, Kanye West, in the deserts of Arizona today. He was seen arguing with ead tree it seems. In his words: “I’m gonna let you finish, but the great oak is the best tree of all time!” What else can you expect from a future presidential …

$~Taemin in Space~$

(^Ace by Taemin^)

For this Assignment Bank project titled “Pop Star Out of Place” I chose to put my favorite pop star, Lee Taemin from the Korean boy-band Shinee, in space because why not space? I used the photo-editor Pixlr again because it is the best and its …

Keeping her here is dangerous!

If word of this gets out, it could generate sympathy for the Rebellion in the Senate.

Pop Star Out of Place

For this visual assignment you have to take a pop star and put them in a setting that is out of the ordinary. It is worth 3 and a half stars. I chose Beyonce because she is always seen as this glamorous girl and by putting her in the setting …

Where Isabel Pantoja would never sing

I chose this assignment because I wanted to see how one of my favorite artist look in an environtment she will never sing.

Lady Gaga’s Tractor Pull

This is Lady Gaga’s debut at the South Dayton Tractor Pull. Both images were found on BING and downloaded. The photo of Lady Gaga was cropped and had the edges rounded and softened. It was copied and pasted on to the original tractor driver’s head. The images were sized and …

Pop Star out of Place

I really have no use for Pop Stars but here it is.  Katy Perry at McDonald’s. It’s not probable that you would run into Katy at your local McDonald’s.

I cropped a her photo out of a super bowl picture and placed it on a random picture of a McDonald’s …

Visual Assignment — Who?! Where?!

SHOCKING: Apparently pop star Ellie Goulding is just as magical as we all assumed! That’s right, folks, our beloved singer was recently seen being summoned forth from an ornate lamp, surrouded by billows of smoke and throat lozenges. GO TO PAGE 34 FOR REST OF STORY.


Nicki meeting with the Royal Family

In a momentous occasion popstar icon Nicki Minaj meets with the Royal family and President Obama to talk about foreign policy! EXCLUSIVE PHOTO BELOW:

This was done for the photo assignment Popstar out of place ds106 assignment worth 4 stars…

Downtown Abbey ft. Chris Pratt

For the Pop Start Out of Place assignment…

Shakira on the Bridge Performance

I used Cut Me In App on my phone to create the assignment. First I found Shakira’s photo on internet and down it to my phone. Then I log in to the App to crop the photo and picked a background from the App, a hanging bridge, added her photo to the background.

A little out of place here

Visual Assignment – Who is that and why is he  is in the Victoria Secret Store?  It’s all a big mystery!…

2nd Created assignment – Wild Taylor Spotting

Pop Stars Out of Place

For this assignment,  I decided to take a picture of a pop star and put them in a random place that they normally would be.  I recently went to a Taylor Swift Concert so I’m still kind of on a “Taylor High.”  I had the …

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Tutorials So Far

Pop Star Out Of Place Tutorial

To do this assignment you first want to find the picture of the pop star that you want to use. This can be done using Google images.

Once you find the picture you need to save it to your desktop so it can be opened in Pixlr, which is the …

Tutorial for “Pop star out of place”

So! What you want to do is find a picture of a pop star.  It can either be one that you took or you can find it on google.  I used the one of Taylor Swift that I took at her concert.

Next, I cropped it so it was just …