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The life of a Superhero

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What do they do when they’re not superhero-ing? Probably laundry, or getting the oil changed, or any of the other myriad mundane chores we all have to do. Make an image of a superhero in an everyday life situation.

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Submissions So Far

Holy Quarter Pounder, Batman!

by Thomas Pulsifer

For my final task from the assignment bank for this week, I chose the 2-star prompt of depicting a superhero in a dull, everyday situation. With Batman being my favorite superhero, the choice for which hero to have star in my picture was an obvious one. In …

New Dog on the Block

In another adventure of visual assignment’s I needed to create an image of a superhero doing some everyday task. Although it is because the unfortunate passing of my dog recently, I’ve had dog on the brain. Today is one of those days that Alfred took a day to himself so …

She-Ra on her Coffee Break

2 Stars

What happens when She-Ra takes a break from fighting the Horde? She likes a good coffee just like the rest of us!

Even though She-Ra is not from this planet, Starbucks is the most recognizable coffee brand. It took some time getting used to GIMP again and remembering …

Superhero Saturdays

I chose this project because I love superheroes. Especially Marvel superheroes. I thought it would be fun to use my drawing, photoshopping, and overall computer skills to create an awesome picture. I chose to draw spiderman because he is my all-time favorite superhero.

This superhero gets caught doing what..?

My assignment was to find a picture of a superhero doing normal life things, this is Deadpool doing normal life things. Everyone goes to the bathroom. Sometimes people even end up losing a couple pounds. As you can see this relates to people heavily because most people have something (phone …

Superheros do what?!?

When told to get a picture of a superhero doing normal life things, I figured that I could do it. Despite me knowing absolutely nothing about any superheroes. This picture I stumbled upon Superman minding his own business vacuuming his room.


One of my all time favorite superheros is Jean Grey from X Men. She has telepathic and telekinetic abilities and is considered to be one of the most powerful in the mutant world. So here is a GIF of her flirting with Scott.

The Life Of A Zombie

When I first saw this assignment I immediately thought of this commercial:

Sooooo, for this assignment i decided to make a gif out of this commercial by giffing the zombie on the bus! Here is my final gif of the life of an every day zombie:


I thought making …

Assignment Bank 6 #DS106

I did “The Life of a Superhero” Visual assignment and came up with this result.


When hulk doesn’t have any money and isn’t saving the world, guess what he does…that’s right some construction. All I did was grab two pictures and Photoshop them together.

If you want to try …

Superman’s Real Kryptonite

For my superhero related assignment, I chose to do the Life of a Superhero post where you had to post a picture of a superhero in an everyday life event.

Superman’s real kryptonite-dirty dishes #ds106 #VisualAssignments2108

— Kasey Mayer (@KaseyMayer) September 22, 2017

When looking a the photography group …

The Life of a Superhero

Even superheroes need to walk the dog and hold hands with their brother/sister!

Life of a superhero

When you have a date and you want to show her your cooking skills.…

Wonder Business Woman

Here is Wonder Woman checking her many emails on her many laptops.

For this assignment I used Photoshop and two images. The first image is of Wonder Woman and the next of a kid surrounded by the 3 laptops you see:

Is he okay?

To make this work, I used …

The Life Of A Superhero

What is Aquaman doing when he’s not saving the world from the sea? Well he’s helping out the sea creatures of course! Aquaman loves to teach dolphins in the ocean cool tricks and where best to hunt for food.  He keeps the sharks away from shores and leads them to …

Wonder Woman Reading

The Life of a Superhero

What do superheroes do when they aren’t out saving the world? Well, they don’t call Wonder Woman, Wonder Woman because she is a superhero. She also got her name for how she loves to help out her community. When duty does not call she is …

The life of a Superhero

Deadpool chilling in bed. Doesn’t get more mundane than that!


So I wanted to play around with GIMP (photo editing software) a bit more, so I found a picture of dead pool, erased the background and put him on a bed instead. I’m starting to understand GIMP a bit …

Assignment Bank 2 (Week Four):

The Life of a Superhero:

This assignment asked me to make an image of a superhero in an everyday life situation. Easy enough right? WRONG. I just want to simply start this off by saying this is the hardest, and I mean hardest, technology-based thing I have ever had to …

The Life of a Superhero

For my superhero photography assignment, I decided to go with “The Life of a Superhero”, mainly because the only other option was the assignment I created. I figured I could handle this using a photo editor and a grocery store stock photo.

It took me a couple tries, but I …

Wolverine Barbeque

Wolverine is my favorite superhero. The thought of Wolverine using his claws for barbeque just seems so right. For this assignment, I used photoshop to blend the barbeque pit with the main Wolverine picture. I know it’s not the best but it works.

Moon Dumpster Power!

Sailor Moon: My favorite superheroine. Ever.

This series led to my first experiences with online storytelling and community; at age eleven, I discovered the world of fan fiction, I began sketching manga, and even experimented with creating my own anime music videos. Sailor Moon inspired me to test the limits …

The Life of a Superhero

First visual assignment I worked on this week was The Life of a Superhero assignment. I really love the idea that superhero’s seem to live such a glamorous life of saving people all day, but in reality they have to do normal things too!!! For this assignment I decided to …

A Day in the Life of Morph Shadow

Make an image of a superhero in an everyday life situation.

For the assignment, The Life of A Superhero, I decided to create an image of my hero Morph Shadow in a classroom. Because Morph Shadow aka Melinda is 21 and a senior at UMW, her everyday life is …

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