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Today It’s All About Me

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Submitted by: Elizabeth King

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 Make a video and brag about yourself for at least two minutes. The point of this is not to make your head so big that it explodes but to build your self-esteem. Don’t brag about your children, your pets, or anything outside of you. You don’t have to dress up for this, in fact it would be better to roll out of bed and make the video. You can start off small with “I once had a good hair day like two years ago” It might help to make a list beforehand so that you can film the two minutes all at the same time. Yes, you are amazing. Tell everyone why…

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Submissions So Far

A Sneak Peek into Me

Original DS 106 Assignment: Today It’s All About Me (2 1/2 stars)

With the craziness of this world, work and everything in between, there are times where we need to step back and appreciate ourselves. At the beginning of every day and end of every night, the only person who …

Today Is All About Me Assignment

This video was refreshing to make because I was able to talk about what I like about myself, and remind myself that I am a good person! It also allowed me to get more comfortable with working with video and recording myself! Watch below!


Isn’t that special. Well, sort of…

There are some days that I wish that I could have one thing about me that is normal. It’s never going to happen. The weirdness permeates my family on a micro-cellular level. Most of us accept it but I’ve never been one to blindly accept anything.

So, what makes me …

Luscious Hair and Fabulous Faces

I am awesome…errr….lets just show a video.


Lets just say, this is highly out of character for me. That is part of the reason I took on this assignment. Most of the things I could brag about bore other people. I wanted something a little more…tangible. That is why …

Tooting my Own Horn

2 stars – Today it’s all about me

As the name suggests, this is a video talking alllll about myself. Yep, that’s right it’s all about me and my likes about myself… perhaps even a confession.. shh… it’s top secret.

For this I used my agency laptop and recorded myself …

It Is Me… Victoire

This video is a shout out to Victoire… I thought it might be fun to dress up as her to do this quick video. The original assignment was about bragging about yourself, and I figured Victoire would probably be really good at that so I gave it a whirl.

I …

Its all about me! – 2 stars

This is one of the assignments I said I would do last week. I was waiting until the “right” time to record it. I figured why not do this at midnight. I think the late night made it a bit easier to talk about myself. While this was only 2 …

All About Me



This assignment was worth 2 stars, and the point of it was to brag about yourself. I interpreted that as my accomplishments during that day. It is hard for me to brag about myself; I do not think much of what I do on a daily basis …

“Couldn’t Help But Notice Your Views”

For my second video assignment I decided to do the Today It’s All About Me assignment (3 stars). When I first saw the assignment and its description, I automatically thought that I was going to do this assignment. I immediately began to think about what I could possibly say about …

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