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30 Second Documentary

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Make a short, 30-second documentary, the topic is up to you. Some good ideas include:

*How to make something
*What someone's job is like
*What it's like trying something new
*Show yourself doing something you are terrible at
*Show yourself doing something you are AMAZING at

No narration necessary. Show, don't tell.

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Submissions So Far

Cowboy Hat Drawing Tutorial

For the assignment “30 Second Documentary”, you had to create a 30 second video involving any topic that you desired. I needed to make the assignment related to my created character of Buck because I needed 4 stars involving my character. It was actually harder than I thought of thinking …

How To (Poorly) Play Guitar

For the 30 Second Documentary assignment, we had to make a 30 second video without commentary as a documentary of sorts.  One of the suggestions on the assignment is showing what it’s like to do something you haven’t done before, and another is to show something you are terrible at.…

30 Second Documentary

This week is video week and we have to do an assignment that showcases our host character.  My host character, Esmerelda, was created as a cartoon fortune teller so for this assignment I created a documentary of what Esmerelda sees in her crystal ball when a man come in.  The …

3,000 Miles in 30 Seconds(ish)

I thought long and hard about what I would construct for this week’s video assignment. My original idea went to sh*t after shooting (thankfully it wasn’t terribly time consuming) and I struggled with making this coincide with my focal theme of emotional expression through creativity. I really wanted to do …

Half A Minute of My Day

I chose to complete the 30 Second Documentary video assignment worth 4.5 stars. This assignment is exactly what the title says. This thirty second documentary is of something I believe I am good at. When trying to come up with something to demonstrate, braiding a horse’s mane was the first …

The Importance of Wafting, In 30 Seconds

I’m a very busy person so I figured a quick and informative documentary would benefit many people. I commonly see this mistake being made in the lab. I hope this will help fix the problem. I used materials from previously made YouTube videos and then did some editing to catch …

Dakota’s Tricks (four and a half stars)

For this assignment I had to make a 30 second documentary. I chose to show the tricks that my wife Jane taught our dog Dakota. She taught Dakota to come on cue, sit, lay down, roll over, speak, and shake. We consider Dakota a …

Damon’s ‘How To’





Damon here. I decided to use this assignment opportunity to give a little peek into my work process. Now, obviously, my art takes much longer than 30 seconds. It usually takes hours, days, even years. You could even say some of my work is taking a …

How to Open a Lock Tutorial

4 stars

For this video assignment, I decided to do a tutorial for opening a lock in 30 seconds (or less!). I was successful at completing this task. To record, I used my photobooth app on my laptop and moved them over into iMovie so I could do overlapping …

“The Last Bit Lost” — A Stop Motion LEGO Short Film

This week, I spent a long time planning. I saw the “30 Second Documentary“, and decided to plan for a stop motion LEGO assignment. “The Last Bit Lost” is about the most tragic time in Donnie Rawlen’s life–when his family…
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The post “The Last Bit Lost” — A

Hospital To The Funeral 2013-12-15 22:38:38


At first I was trying to narrate the video as I was doing it but after a few times of trying to do that and it not working out I came up with this way. The hardest part was trying not to mess up because that trick is …

How to restring a guitar

I was playing my guitar while I was trying to think of an idea of what to do for my “30 Second Documentary” assignment when I broke a string.  I figured that since I have to change it anyway, why not make a documentary about it?  I recorded myself with …

Shortest Brunch Ever | 5 Stars





the end.



Okay, a bit more.  I did this based on the assignment 30 Second Documentary

Now, to get all official the original assignment had 4 and a half stars.  What is that?  The way I see it, if i do a sub par …

Chores Chores Chores****

For my last video assignment, I created a 30 Second Documentary on something that I’m bad at doing.  I’m not sure why this assignment was rated 4.91 stars, because it literally took me 5 minutes to do, but it was a nice way to finish off video week.

I’m …

My life in a nutshell

*Please be sure to have hard hats on!

For this assignment, my mom was actually the one to suggest ideas. The idea was to basically pick a topic, any topic, and make a 30 second documentary from it. My mom suggests that I pick something I am terrible at, …

Delicious Peas****.5

So for this assignment, we were supposed to make a documentary on something that lasted 30 seconds. The idea was to cram something that provided knowledge about something to other people into a short amount of time.  The process made you focus on the little important bits that gave …

“30 Second Documentary” Assignment (3.5 Stars)

The one thing I look forward to every Sunday morning has to be Sunday brunch. I’m not sure what makes it so appealing to me: the food? the mimosas? or the fact that it’s socially acceptable to wake up around 11AM and have my first meal be around noon? Maybe …

Oh the fish face.

Okay, now that that’s out-of-the-way, we shall continue.  So the assignment I chose to do was called 30 Second Documentary, and it’s basically for us to…

30 Second Documentary! (3 Stars)

For this assignment I chose to do a quick silent tutorial showing someone how to make a paper boat. The story behind paper boats and I is that I’ve been making these silly things for a very long time, In times of stress, anxiety, sadness, happiness, birthdays, sometimes funerals (judge…

Five Animal Sidekicks in Five Seconds

Six seconds, to be honest.…

Maddie’s 30-second Documentary

Or rather, Maddie’s 27-second documentary.
Close enough.

Speed Cooking show

For this mission I had to create a 30 second documentary that showed, rather than told.
I decided to document something I’m amazing it… making sandwiches. I’m good in the kitchen (but no baking, can’t bake to save my life), the only thing I’m probably better at is eating and…

I’m Winning

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The 30 Second Documentary, you had to show but don’t tell. Topics were how to make something, something you’re horrible at, or something you’re amazing at.
The 30 Second Documentary, my topic was show something I was AMAZING…

30 second documentry 3 stars

This is a video of me doing something that I do well and that is video recording. This is a fottage i took of my grandfather, performing a scene from the bible .I love recording videos and photographer. and the was i got this video is by recroding it from…

my cute dog

This is my Extra credit assignment which is doing three ds106 assignments.
It is second ds106assignment as extra for me.
I chose 30 second Documentary of Video Assignment.

Make a short, 30-second documentary, the topic is up to you.

I took a video of my dog for 30…

true life: i am a cs major

For this assignment, I chose to do a 30-second documentary on the life of a computer science major since I am a computer science major and therefore pretty authoritative on the subject. Going by the assignment’s description of “show, don’t tell,” I showed what it’s like to code all. the.…

Week 8 Video Production: (My 30-second Documentary Video 3 STAR ASSIGNMENT) & (My Product-Review Video 1 STAR ASSIGNMENT)

Okay, first off I kind of had a hard time editing both videos, because i couldn’t find imovie on my computer, so instead i just used my IPhone 4S to record the 2 videos, and then I uploaded both of them to my youtube account and then edited it on…

30 sec processes

this is a video assignment that tasks the video recording of a 30 second process.
there really aren’t that many cool things I could think of that are just 30 seconds and when reading the posts for this assignments i saw just about everyone said the same thing.  This…

30 Second Documentary

For this assignment i decided to do my documentary on the process of me drawing a flower. I am not the best at it but i thought it would be good to show others how to draw it step by step.…

30 Second Documentary

Three Star Assignment

About a year ago I was learning how to ollie. We used to record videos so we can eventually       make a skate video for funs. I then edited the videos to show my failed attempts through mpeg streamclip. I then moved it onto windows live movie…

19. thirty seconds [or more] (ds106 #9)

Make a short, 30-second documentary, the topic is up to you. No narration necessary. Show, don’t tell. Okay so I’m being liberal with the rules for this assignment, mainly because once I had filmed all my footage there was so much that I liked and I decided to make it longer. I started on this … Continue reading »

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Tutorials So Far

Week 8 Video Production: (My 30-second Documentary Video 3 STAR ASSIGNMENT) & (My Product-Review Video 1 STAR ASSIGNMENT)

Okay, first off I kind of had a hard time editing both videos, because i couldn’t find imovie on my computer, so instead i just used my IPhone 4S to record the 2 videos, and then I uploaded both of them to my youtube account and then edited it on…

30 Second Documentary – tutorial

To Complete this assignment i did the following:
I used my Nikon camera to record my video. I uploaded the video to my computer and then opened it on windows live movie maker. I added the visual effect called edge detection to give the video the cool look. Because the…