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4 lines, 5 dots, 1 curve

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Submitted by: Mira Vogel

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4 lines, 5 dots, 1 curve

Use drawing software a picture using only:

  • 4 lines

  • 5 dots

  • and 1 curve.

The picture can be representative or abstract. Play with size, colour, texture and overlaying - so dots can be large discs or tiny pin-pricks, they can look like spots or holes; curves can be deep or shallow; lines can be thick or skinny, long or short.

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For my last assignment this week, I decided to do the assignment where you make something using only 4 lines, 5 dots, and 1 curve. I still had to do one assignment relating to the internet, so this is going to be that one. I ended up making …


Another assignment I chose was worth 3.5 stars and was called 4 lines, 5 dots, 1 curve: where I had to draw a picture using 4 lines, 5 dots, and 1 curve.

First, I sketched a few ideas in my planner before drawing it on my computer.

Once I …

Dots, Lines, and a Curve

For this visual assignment I had to use a drawing software to create a piece of art by only using 5 Dots, 4 Lines, and 1 Curved line. So I found a way using Sketchbook Pro to create Mickey Mouse with a hat. I used three dots for his his …

Minimal Art

For this 3.5 star assignment I was required to use 4 lines, 5 dots and one curve and make something out of that. I decided it was going to be using my character Sally and her ability to pour a mean shot and this is what I got!


Abstract Face

For this visual assignment I had to create something out of 4 lines, 5 dots, and 1 curve. I decided to make this assignment about my host character’s older brother, Johnny, who becomes Bloody Face after following his father’s footsteps.

I used 1 dot as the face, 2 dots as …

Lexy Maratellos 2015-02-01 19:49:50

Adventure in a day – 3.5 STAR

In my “adventure in a day”, I was acting as my Noir Character, Claudia Rose. Where I left off in my description about Claudia, she had just recently killed her husband to be with another man. In this picture, Claudia has taken her …

Bubbles in Chocolate Milk

Creating a picture using only 4 lines, 5 dots, and 1 curve seemed hard at first because I had no idea what I could create with that. However, the assignment “4 lines, 5 dots, 1 curve” (3.5 pts) asked you to do just that. However, this assignment made …

The Smiley – 4 Lines, 5 Dots, 1 Curve

Standard smiley face using 4 lines, 5 dots, 1 curve

4 Lines, 5 Dots, 1 Curve

The goal of this assignment was to creat a picture with 4 lines, 5 dots and 1 curve. It was hard for me to think of any object that can be drawn with provided information. So I made my mind to draw the first thing I saw when I look …

4 Lines 5 Dots 1 Curve

4 Lines 5 Dots 1 Curve 4 stars

You had to be very creative to do this assignment. It was difficult to figure out what to do, but once I thought of something, it was easy. I decided to create a compass. It’s a little abstract so use your imagination! …

Minamalistic Art

For my last visual assignment of the week, I decided to try out this one that limits our usage to only a few basic shapes: 4 lines, 5 dots, and one curve. I decide to do an artistic rendition of a space view of our home. The 5 dots make …

A Picture of Minimality (Yes, I made that word up!)

So this was an interesting assignment. The goal was to draw something using 4 lines, 5 dots, and 1 curve. I immediately thought of the classic ice cream cone you learn to draw as a kid. I had one big, pink dot, and four smaller ones as sprinkles. Add in …

Minimalistic Ice Cream


I started the assignment 4 Lines, 5 Dots, 1 Curve (worth 4 stars), thinking it would be really difficult to think of something to make with those limitations, but then it came to me…ice cream! I’ll admit I could have been a little more creative with this assignment, but …

4 lines 5dots 1 curve

This assignment wasn’t hard. It was cool to see what the picture would become because is didn’t have a picture of what I wanted it to be in my head.


4 Lines, 5 Dots, 1 Curve Visual Assignment

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Lines, Dots, & Curve Tutorial

During my semester in ds106, I found this assignment to be the best assignment all year. This was the best assignment in my opinion because it was easy and fun. It was easy because you didn’t have to do a lot; all you had to do was follow the directions …