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Advertisement Using a Cartoon Character

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Submitted by: Cooper Graham

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Have you ever thought a particular cartoon character would make a great advertiser? Well here's your chance. Take an existing product or even a regular item and have a cartoon character do their best salesman impression.

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Eat More Spinach

I completed the Advertisement Using A Cartoon Character assignment because I thought it’d be interesting to create an ad after analyzing billboards. I decided to use Popeye as my example because the only way my parents could get me to eat spinach when I was little was by reminding me …

Perfect For All Rugrats

This is my third design assignment and is assignment that had to be 4 stars or more. The reason why I chose this assignment other than it being 4+ stars is because I thought it would be fun to take characters from one of the cartoons that I used to …

Advertising Using a Cartoon Character

This was based on the assignment found here (

My mind was on pies and a friend who was talking to me mentioned teen titans and I remembered this one scene from teen titans go of all things. Some would say you probably should not work hungry, but …

Tigger & RockStar

Unit 6

This is unfinished, but it’s a start.


Listening to the course lecture on design, it was interesting to hear how much simplicity and directness plays into design, with the ability to connect or send a message being tantamount as opposed to being flowery or rich, which risks being overly …

I now realize how rapey this sounds

One of this weeks design assignments was labeled, “Advertisement Using a Cartoon Character.” The goal was to, “Take an existing product or even a regular item and have a cartoon character do their best salesman impression.”

Here is my attempt:

[Worth 3 stars]

After creating this, I sadly …

Sealed With A Kiss


Victoire Absinthe flipped through the pages of her magazine while waiting for dinner to be served. The blonde had finally left her, leaving behind a copy of some local magazine. She settled on the glossy image of an advertisement selling lipstick. Victoire smiled to herself- the ad spoke to…

Advertisement Using A Cartoon Character

This assignment (3 points) was creating advertisement using a cartoon character. First cartoon I came up with was Spongebob advertising a sponge. But I think is to obvious so I changed cartoon character. I came up with Spiderman advertising a bug spray. It would be great to show that the …

Advertisement with a cartoon character

This assignment is worth 3 stars.  I had to do one for my character so I did Grape Nehi, it is Isabelle McIntosh’s favorite drink.  I chose Betty Boop to advertise it because she seemed like a popular character at that time.  I used PowerPoint to create this, I had …

Of Bananas and Minions

For my first Design Assignment I chose to use a cartoon character (3 stars) to help advertise a product. This assignment because I thought it would be fun. In my head I’m always thinking of things like this, taking ideas and adding them into completely separate ones. One night, while …

Part #5: Finale and Weekly Summary 15

*I forgot that I had to do all of this in one single blog post and by the time I finished my third part of my project, it was too late. So I’m going to combine my finale (Part 5) and my weekly summary into this post, as well as …

Part #1: The Promoter

For my final project, I decided to choose Popeye the Sailor as my central character. I used the “Advertisement Using a Cartoon Character” assignment for this post. Since I am using Popeye, I thought it would be fitting for him promoting/endorsing his favorite food, spinach.

I started off …

Part One: The Endorser

This is the first part of my final project!

To begin my tale on Winnie the Pooh, I decided to be creative and make my own assignment to represent the narrative. For this design assignment, I came up with an Advertisement Using a Cartoon Character. Since the overall …

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