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Alt Ending

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Submitted by: Alan Levine

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Find a movie that you can create an alternate ending for- make a video, recreating the scene and the characters, that plays out a different way the movie could end.

As an example, see these re-filmed endings for Rear Window or Braveheart

As a reference, including either a clip of the original film or a screenshot.

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Final Project Tutorial 6

The assignment was Alternate Ending worth 5 stars. This was the hardest part of my final project for two reasons: I was shooting with inanimate objects by myself and it was hot as heck outside when filming. The original scene I picked was from Terminator 2 and it can be …

Nowhere To Hide

    I decided to do the Alt Ending video assignment as a Blair Witch take-off, with my kids providing a surprise ending.  It’s every mother’s dream to have a few moments alone, but the kids always seem to find you in the end!  They had a lot of fun …

Toy Story Alt Ending

(5 Stars)
For this assignment, I had to change the ending of a movie to make the movie end in a different way. I decided to take a rather cruel approach and change to ending to one of my favorite movies, Toy Story.
What I did was I recorded the…

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