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Animal Dance Off

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Submitted by: Kevin Shavalay

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Find any song and mash up a video of some animals dancing.  Try to get the animals to move to the beat.

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Animal Dance!

Stars: 4

The toughest thing about his assignment was finding a good video to put music to. Then I remembered for the longest time, there was a Peacock Spider commercial on TV and remembered that they do a funny little dance. That is when I decided to put music to …

Animal Dance Off

For this assignment we had to find a video of an animal dancing and put music over it. I decided to look up corgis because I think they are some of the cutest dogs. Here is the video I made:

Dolphins love Taylor Swift

This assignment worth 4 stars was to create a video of animals dancing to music. My first idea was Shake It Off by Taylor Swift and the “birds of paradise”. So I got to work!

First I looked up a YouTube video of Shake It Off and then I converted

Animal Dance Off: Sorry Dancing Puppy

Animal Dance Off: Find any song and mash up a video of some animals dancing. Try to get the animals moving to the beat. (4 stars).

For this assignment, I was to find an animal dancing and add music to it. I used Justin Bieber’s Sorry song, and …

For His Furry Friend

As done by Fitz:

Bird Losing His Mind. Up In Here, Up In Here

The next video assignment that I decided to do was Animal Dance Off. The goal of this assignment was to take video of an animal(s) dancing and put it to music to make it look like the animal is actually moving to the beat of the song. To start on …

Hardcore Bear Fight

The Idea

A couple of weeks ago, one of my professors showed us a video of two bears fighting in a neighborhood in New Jersey. It’s a pretty tense thing to watch, and you can tell from their body language that this fight is a matter of dominance.

When I …

Crash Will Never Be A Royal


Since I tend to use my kids and my dogs for a lot of my projects for this class, I decided to exploit my dog yet again for 3 1/2 stars worth of video assignments. I used my iPhone to do slow motion recordings of my dog and then …

Crash Will Never Be A Royal

This is my dog filmed in slow motion with my phone and then the videos were clipped together using iMovie and set to the tune of Royals by Lorde

Animal Dance Off

This is an assignment I created called “Animal Dance Off”.  I had a really good time making the example and I think the final product turned out very well.  All I had to do to create this video was to cut the audio from the Chris Brown song (polka …

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