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Animated Classic Reading

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Submitted by: Lisa M Lane

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Take a classic piece of literature - something that begs to be read aloud - and have animated characters do a dramatic reading.

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Submissions So Far

It Was a Pleasure to Burn (Animated Classic Reading Assignment)

This is my submission for the Animated Classic Reading assignment, a 3-star assignment for DS106. This is the third of the five required video assignments for the two-week period, bringing my total to 13 stars. Here are the instructions for the assignment:

Take a classic piece of literature – something …

Animated Classic Reading: Shakespeare’s “Julius Caesar”

While browsing the DS106 Assignment Bank, I came across the Animated Classic Reading video assignment.  The premise of the assignment is to use animated characters to recite a famous piece of literature.  Using the program Plotagon, I created an animated classroom setting where one character is reciting the …

Plotagon and Gilgamesh

The software is Plotagon, which is free and in beta. It was shared with me by Tom Hodgers, a member of the POT Cert class, because I was looking for a replacement for the now defunct Xtranormal. I ran it on Mac OS 10.6 even though it requires …

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