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Animated The DVD Menu

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Submitted by: Alan Levine

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Convert a key scene from a movie into an animated GIF and include graphics elements to make it look like the menu screen of a DVD. Be creative in the kind of items that appear on the menu; make it relevant to the plot

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Time Lapse Start Menu

The first design assignment I did that we got to choose was 4 stars. It’s called Animated the DVD Menu. The assignment was to choose a key scene from a movie and make a GIF that would resemble the start menu on a DVD player. I choose the movie …

Bullitt Chase & Green Bug DVD Menu

Getting back into the ds106 creative mood, I was inspired recently to create not only a new animated GIF but make it a new ds106 Design Assignment. Last week, Jim Groom and I watched The Conversation, a brilliant 1974 movie from the conspiracy genre (the slow slide into craziness of…

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