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Are we there yet?

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Submitted by: Dalina Beckham

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Take an existing image and change the concept in where you are at and what you are doing. 

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Submissions So Far

Skumboyz and the Mountain

Throwback to when me and the rest of the band went up Mt. Everest, no big deal.

Background photo can be found here.

Original Photo:

Are we there yet? Happily strolling in a dark setting


I used GIMP to create this image. It was hard to keep a good picture quality, but it is still clear enough to understand. I used a picture of me “Jumping out of finals” on the last day of exam week last semester, and put myself in a dark …

Summer Winter Wonderland

This is my last Design assignment of the week and it is the required assignment. In this assignment, we had to take a picture and then change where we are and what we are doing. I used a picture I took with one of my best friends from high school …

We Were Already There

Are We There Yet?-Changing the concept of a photo by altering the background of the image.

The Story Behind the Story-

The kinds of adventures you have with your high school buddies are often not really adventures at all. Limited by funds; legality and transportation, the range of possible activities …

Are We There Yet?

For my required assignment this week, I had to take an existing picture and change the environment in which it was happening. For me, this assignment was more of a learning process than anything else. First I had to take the original image (which is a picture of 3 of …

Are We There Yet?

I was pretty nervous about this assignment, given that I don’t have a lot of photo editing experience. However, I saw that other students had written tutorials, and so I checked on those, mostly using this one in particular.

To complete this assignment, I used GIMP for the first time …

Fragile Bridge

Made up photo
Original Photo in St. Louis Missouri

For my 2nd design assignment of the week I chose to do the mandatory one. I was having trouble with this one but after looking through some of the submissions I got some ideas. The original picture is my boyfriend and …

Gimp Experiment

For this week’s required assignment, Are We There Yet, we had to take an existing photo and change something such as the background so it seems the subject of the photo is in a completely different place. My boyfriend has recently gotten into rebuilding cub cadets and although I don’t …

honeymoon destination – design assignment –

Talk about a difficult assignment, eh?

For today’s design assignment, I went ahead and did the required assignment where we cut out a person or people from a photo and place them somewhere else. My poor fiancé is going to be thrilled with the picture I chose…


I’m sorry, …

Just a Little Further

For the mandatory design assignment we had to take an image that we have and change it to be something else. The original image is of me and my brother during Christmas many years ago. The image I used to change it is of snow covered mountains. The reason I …

Kabul Battle Buddies – Are We There Yet?

Wow! This was a challenge. Once I figured out how to use GIMP, I actually liked it. Not as difficult as I thought it would be. For this assignment I chose a photo taken of me with the folks  who worked with me in Afghanistan. The photo was taken at …

Are We There Yet?

The purpose of this assignment is to take an existing image and change the concept in where you are and what you are doing.

I started with a picture I had taken at a clinic a couple years ago.

I used a photo editing application, called Movavi, to remove the …

“Are we there yet?” Trip down to the river

For this assignment, I looked through some of my photos and thought I’d try and have some fun with it. I looked through my pictures and I found this one of me as a long haired 6th grader as well as a picture of the Rappahannock River. I went through …

We’ll Get There Eventually

This week’s mandatory assignment was very daunting to me. I am not proficient at extensively editing pictures, so I needed some guidance. I found a tutorial using GIMP, which is what I use, on another blog. This made me feel much less overwhelmed by the project by giving simple, …

What the heck is that?!

I’m a person who loves scary stories – I like ghost stories, stories about weird creatures, and stories about hearing a tap-tap-tap on the window but no one is there. I love them even though they scare the living daylights out of me. Usually after a spooky-show-bender, I have to …

Oh, the Places You’ll Go!

Design Assigment #2

The ‘Are We There Yet?’ assignment required a lot of thought. I had to think about what background would work best with the subject I chose to use. I chose this specific photo of the people because of the position. It made it easier to photoshop (you …

Are we there yet?

The assignment details can be found on the link bellow.

There were many ideas floating in my mind. I processed a few ideas in my mind like taking myself inside the sea from a shopping mall, getting in to a lion’s cade in a zoo etc. Then I decided …

Are We There Yet?: 3 Stars

For this visual assignment, I created an image where I changed the setting of the original image. The entire assignment can be found here.

My original image is from my prom in high school which I transformed to me on the red carpet with a couple stars photo bombing the …

Are We There Yet?

Shredding the Gnar

Are we there yet? Design Assignment : 3 Stars

A cutout of me surfing pasted onto a spider web. I am literally surfing the web another phrase for browsing the internet. It’s a bad joke I know, but it tells a pretty good story.

Surfing the Web…

Daredevil sisters take on the Grand Canyon

Are we there yet? “Take an existing image and change the concept in where you are at and what you are doing.”

1) Find photo you want to use

2)Find background you want to use

3)Head onto Photoshop

4)I went to select and then clicked select and mask then …

I’m Melting

Are We There Yet Assignment

If I didn’t believe in Global Warming before, there can be no doubt I believe in it now! These past few days have been sweltering…and that is coming from someone who has spent the majority of her life in high desert heat! This weather has …

Hanging with Private Ryan

Original assignment (3 Stars)

Saving Private Ryan? More like Hanging with Private Ryan. I took a picture of my self dressed up. I cropped it into WWII Europe. The image is actually from the movie Saving Private Ryan. It’s definitely weird as the setting is all war torn. I’m actually …

Are we there yet?

Are we there yet? is an assignment that requires you to take a photo and to alter its context in order to change its concept.

When I babysit, one of the kids’ favorite things to do is to play dress up. The kids (a brother and sister) have every …

Are we there yet?

Not on my work computer, had to improvise!

The situation:

Young Man:  Urging his sister, the young woman, not to go with the man that has found himself next to her.

Older Man:  Spotted a young, pretty, and single plus one to take into the club with him.  He intends …

I’m So Adventurous

For the Are We There Yet? design assignment, I created the image above of me supposedly relaxing on a cliff.

Behind the Creation

Apparently pictures like this are very popular nowadays where someone takes a shot of their feet hanging in mid air while they are looking down some high …

Up Up and Away!

Are We There Yet?

Take an existing image and change the concept in where you are at and what you are doing. (3 Stars)

Obviously I am flying away from all of my responsibilities and stress in this picture, but ended up a little bit further away from Orientation than …

Taking the lead in a chorus…

Changing locations without actually changing locations is quite a confusing concept. Well I managed to make that concept work through the “Are We There Yet?” design assignment. The assignment require that you change the concept of where the photo is and what actions are going on in the photo. Initially …

Beach Girls Gone Rock

I had a few ideas when doing this just because I have so many funny pictures of friends and of myself that could be added into another picture to be funny. I was going through my pictures on my computer and came across this one from this past July 4th.…

Concept Change

For this design assignment I had to take or find a picture and change the setting or what is happening. I decided to use the following image:

This picture was taken my senior year of high school when my friends and I were captains of the girls varsity soccer team. …

Where are we now?!

While doing so I also had to change the perspective of the image. As you can see in the second photo they are elongated. I did this so it would appear as if it’s going in the right direction of the room.The next thing you’ll notice is that they’re playing poker.

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Tutorials So Far

We’ll Get There Eventually

This week’s mandatory assignment was very daunting to me. I am not proficient at extensively editing pictures, so I needed some guidance. I found a tutorial using GIMP, which is what I use, on another blog. This made me feel much less overwhelmed by the project by giving simple, …

hell has frozen over

This season, there has been an unusual amount of deaths of Mt. Everest climbers. Five people have already died climbing the world’s highest peak. Mt. Everest has never been on my bucket list, and it definitely isn’t going to be on it now.

If faced with the choice between hot …

Make your own violinist debut !

Since you’re here I’m assuming you checked out and liked my “Are We There Yet?” design assignment. Well lucky you! I am now going to show you how to make your very own!

Start out by first selecting the two pictures you are going to merge. Here are the initial …


Step 1: Pick an image that includes an object in a place. ( The objects I’ll be using are the people) Step 2: Pick a place you want your object to be in. Step 3: Pick an item you want to include with the object. Now let’s begin t he …