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Submitted by: Grant Potter

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Remaster a song so the vocals are 1/2 step out of key. (1/2 step flat) See this YouTube channel full of more flattened songs.

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You guys sound a little off

I mentioned in my about me page that I like cartoons… and one of the cartoons that I’m crazy about (like a lot of other people right now) is Steven Universe. I can’t help it. I love the songs, the gems, the fusions, and the neverending possibilities for conspiracy theories. …

Chocolate in Gb

This was fairly easy to do, his voice is already pretty high anyway.  I s=just imported the track to audacity and changed the pitch setting and uploaded to my soundcloud account.  interesting outcome overall!


I’m sure you’re starting to read this blog post and thinking “great. Someone else did this incredibly easy assignment because it was rated 4.5 stars and they’re getting away with it.” For me, this was anything but easy and I still didn’t get it the way I really wanted it. …

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Second assignment this week is B-Flat. I’m supposed to use Audacity to flatten the vocals of a song by one half-step. The song I decided to flatten is Under Cover of Darkness by the Strokes. Here’s the normal version of the song:

I searched around on YouTube and …

AudioAssignment B-Flat 4.5 star

For this audio assignment we had to change the pitch of a song by a half step. I used audacity for this and changed the pitch on Upside Down by Jack Johnson. To do this I went to the effects and clicked change pitch. I changed the steps from -2.02 …

Week 4 pt. 3: Half a Step

This assignment called for remastering a song so the vocals are half a step out of their original key. I’ll be live blogging this, so it’s time to head to Spotify.

Link to Assignment:

Stars: 4.5

Process: After again perusing my song repository, I’ve selected Renegades by X Ambassadors. …

B-Flat (Audio Assignment 4.5 stars)

For this assignment I took Weezer’s classic Buddy Holly and changed the vocals a half step higher. I did this using Audacity’s “change pitch” option. I messed with changing the vocals a half step lower and higher, but I noticed a more notable difference when I took it a half …

Pitch Shifting Alice in Chains

B-Flat Assignment

Link to assignment:

Following this week’s theme of audio, I decided to do something with music. This assignment requires me to take the vocal line of a song, and make it flat. I chose to do one of my favorite songs, Man in the Box by Alice …

Assignment Bank

The second project I did was from the audio category. This project was rated 4 stars, which I would say was fairly accurate. The goal for this project was to flatten or sharpen the audio of a song and upload it to Youtube. After searching online for a while, I …

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