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Bagman for President Radio Ad

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Make a campaign ad for or against the Bagman's presidential campaign! The sillier, the better. Read more about this candidate.

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A Bagman We Can Put Stuff In

Audio Assignment Count: 2

This assignment looked pretty damn cool. Also the other examples were pretty awesome so I thought I’d throw my hat in the ring. I decided not to use any fancy-dancy effects, because I was confident I could morph my voice enough. As a result it sounds…

vote against bagman assignment

this is my campaign message against bagman for ds106 assignment i decided to go against bagman because who is bagman and its always fun to be on the opposing side.…

Bagman4Prez Radio Ad: “Making the Sausage”

Image c/o Annie Belle,

Radio Ad: “Making the Sausage”

This one was pretty fun. I just used Audition to record clips from the recent GOP primary debate and an old clip of President Obama attacking Senator John McCain four years ago, then mixed it up with my…

Bagman4Prez Radio Ad: “Spangled”

I really like how this came out. I did all the parts (except the star spangled banner, that’s Jimi).
For the “In a world” stuff, I went to Effects>Time and Pitch>Stretch and Pitch, and used that to shift the tone down and slow it down (some of it was too…

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