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Barcode Transformation

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Submitted by: Sarah French

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Recently on Pinterest I discovered some images of designs people made out of barcodes. Turn a simple. boring barcode into something interesting by using an image of a barcode and forming a different object or design. For examples, look here.

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Submissions So Far

Barcode Transformation

I completed the barcode transformation assignment from the assignment bank. When I discovered this task, and saw the zebra example that was posted with the assignment description in the assignment bank, I knew that I wanted to transform my barcode into a penguin.

(created by Sarah French)

I …

Red Reaper Barcode

I really like the Red Reaper and thought of using it for my Gravitar, but went with the cat theme instead. When I saw this week’s assignment of collaborating with another host character, I decided to use Red Reaper.

For 3.5 stars, the story goes like this… LaNoir was out …

Bar Code Beast from Below

Halloween Shopping

Halloween shopping can be expensive. To illustrate this I decided to make a witch made of a barcode. I decided to go about this in what I believe to be an interesting way. Instead of cutting the barcode into pieces I decided to find a silhouette of a witch and …

Was that a barcode?

To what point can an object be distorted while still being the same object? To what point can a barcode be transformed while keeping its stored information intact? Ah these age old questions. What does a barcode represent anyway? No one really cares about how it looks visually anyway. They …

What Do Creative Humans Do In School?

What Creative Humans Do In School

When I saw the Barcode Transformation ds106 design assignment I immediately gravitated to it. After reading Ken Robinson’s, Creative Schools: The Grassroots Revolution That’s Transforming Education,I have come to understand the typical public school system as a concept emerging from the modern/industrial era. …

Bar Code Ice Cream

For this assignment (worth 2.5 stars), we were asked to create a bar code in the shape of an object.

I chose a double scooped ice cream cone because it’s really hot outside and ice cream sounds amazing in this scorching summer heat (it’s really not THAT hot but who …

Bar Code Stripper

For this assignment (worth 2.5 stars), I had to make some barcode art. I decided to make this related to my character, Folami Turay. This is a piece that Folami would have hanging in her living room. It expresses her internal conflict with being a stripper, someone who plays …

Mack’s Barcode

This assignment was a little more involved than I initially thought but that did not take away from the fun or new things I learned from Gimp and making it work with paint. I wanted to apply it to Mack so I borrowed an image of a gun (not very …

Barcode Transformation: Manatee!

For my Barcode Transformation I decided to add barcodes to a manatee silhouette!  Manatees are one of my favorite animals, and I really wanted to see what one would look like as a barcode.  I created the first half of the image using Paint as GIMP was giving me difficulties, …

For Sale: One Wired Greek

The last of the 8 star design assignments relating to The Wire I completed with the “Barcode Transformation” assignment. I chose the scene where the surveillance team was tailing Spiros because there was a good clip of a silhouette of The Greek walking in the parking garage. This was a …

Barcode Blaster

I was rather intrigued by the idea of cookie cutting a shape out of a barcode. The use of vertical lines along with the implied lines that make up the shape in question work very well together and I don’t have a problem identifying the image in any of the …

Mickey Mouse Forsale

The “Barcode Transformation” design assignment took me a little longer than I expected but yet again that was because I am too stubborn to google how to do something. Instead I just click all the different buttons until I figure out a way to complete the assignment. Basically for this …

Barcode Transformation

Recently while feeding my Pinterest addiction, I discovered some images of designs people made out of barcodes. For this assignment, turn something simple into something great by using an image of a barcode and forming a different object or design. For examples, look here.

Here are some of …

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Tutorials So Far

Barcode Transformation Tutorial

Step 1: Think of an image you would like to use for this assignment.

Step 2: Google said image as a silhouette

Step 3: Click on the picture you want

Step 4: Save it to your computer and pasted it into Paint

Step 5: Create lines through the picture by …

Barcode Transformation Tutorial

For this tutorial I will take you step by step through the process of completing Barcode Transformation. This process is the way that I figured out how to do it but there may be other ways to do it.

1. Choose the design and barcode you want to use. …