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Can’t Get It Out Of My Head

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Submitted by: David Mercer

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Use some auido recording software, I used audacity, to record yourself whistling a song that has gotten stuck in your head before. Then upload it to soundlcoud. But don't title it with the original song's title. Let your classmates guess what song you were whistling. Have Fun!!

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What’s That Song?

I have a love/hate relationship with those new songs that come on the radio every other song. I love them because they are super catchy, but also hate them because they are catchy. Even if I don’t necessarily like the song, I always end up getting it stuck in my …

Name that Tune

This assignment looked like a fun one to do, despite it only contributing a few stars. The prompt was that we whistle a tune without revealing what the tune is so others can guess! I admit, I’m a sucker for these kinds of prompts. I love referring to things and …

Can’t Get It Out Of My Head

I had a blast creating this assignment, I am incorporating my character by again using her “ex” boyfriend. She is saying to him she is over it and never wanted to sing about it because she didn’t want him to think she still liked her. Good luck trying to guess…

Whistle while ya work

This week is all about the creation of our very own ds106 radio show, however this first assignment has no connection to it whatsoever so I decided to get it out of the way. This was a snippet of me whistling a song that always gets stuck in my head …

Audio Assignment – Can’t Get Out of My Head

I had a lot of fun with this assignment, mainly because I enjoy whistling. It was easy to record myself on audacity and upload the file onto SoundCloud. Can you guess what song it is? It’s the chorus of a pretty popular song that I heard on the radio …

Not too cold to whistle…

So, when I came across the can’t get it out of my head assignment,  I instantly knew what song I would choose. It has literally been stuck in my head for weeks, and last night I actually sat around wondering why it has been there so long. I like …

Unit 7

I was part of a radio broadcast both in high school and college so I have some experience as far as being a DJ but not as much when it comes to producing a taped and scripted radio show. I noted that in the specs it says we should create …

Can’t Get It Out Of My Head

This assignment is titled “Can’t Get It Out Of My Head” and is worth 2 stars. Here’s the link to the assignment:

This was a pretty easy assignment to complete. All I did was record myself whistling to a song that’s been in my head lately on my phone. …

I Have An Earworm

Audio Assignment:

Can’t Get It Out Of My Head 2?

For this assignment we were supposed to whistle a song that has gotten stuck in our head before. Then we were to upload it to Soundcloud and let our classmates guess what song it was.

I chose to do this …

Can’t Get it Out of my Head

This assignment required me to record myself whistling a song that was stuck in my head. See if you can guess what song it is!

Whistling is for Dixies

Alright, I crashed and burned on my multiple attempts to do the 800% Slow Down assignment, so I looked quickly for a new assignment, and found the Favorite Song assignment, which was meant as more of a “remove the lyrics” assignment. I had a bit of a moral dilemma; my …

Can’t Get It Out Of My Head- 2 Stars

This assignment was to whistle a song to see if anyone can guess it. This audio was fun to do because I always get song stuck in my head.

This was fun to do.…

Can’t Get it Out of My Head….

Guess that song!

I chose for my last audio assignment to do the Can’t Get it Out of My Head Assignment for 2 stars. I had seen the assignment earlier in the week and felt a little too self conscious to do it. I kept thinking about it throughout the …

Can’t Get It Outta My Head..


I chose to do this assignment because I am going to this person’s concert soon and their songs are ALWAYS stuck in my head!!! (2 stars)


Can’t Get It Out Of My Head: 2 points


When I saw this assignment, i knew it would be extremely easy because i listen to my roommate whistle songs all day long! Have fun guessing this song! HINT HINT its an oldy…

Can’t get it out of my head- Guess the song!

2 Stars

So this song has gotten stuck in my head several of times! When I saw this assignment this song automatically came to mind. I can’t whistle so me going Do Do might make it easier, I’m not sure. I recorded it a few times, but in the end …

Whistle to Me

For my first audio assignment this week I chose to do the “Can’t Get It Out Of My Head” assignment worth two points. Everyone has experienced not being able to get a song out of their head. The one I chose to whistle is especially catchy and has been stuck …

Can’t Get It Out Of My Head Tutorial

This is the detailed tutorial for the Can’t Get It Out Of My Head assignment. It’s a audio assignment worth 2 stars. Here are the steps:

Step 1: Download a free audio recording software like Audacity.

Step 2: Go on to YouTube and fin a song that has a nice …

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