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colorize your world

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Submitted by: Andre Suarez

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in this simple assignment you would take a image of anything you want, whether it is a cartoon character or an image from a movie and just change the colors around in photoshop.

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Photo-shopping a Stanley Cup Champion

Closing out a fun and exciting week of assignments I decided to end my journey in the photography department. Photography has always been an interest of mine and I thought it would make for a great and exciting final category. Scrolling through the options in the Visual category there wasn’t …


For this assignment you had to take an image of anything you want, whether it be a cartoon character or an image from a movie and change the colors around in Photoshop.

I found a picture of the powerpuff girls and change their original pink, blue, and green colors to …

Well that sticks out like a sore…giraffe?

I chose to complete the Colorize Your World assignment.

For this assignment I used an image of a couple of giraffes (according to the caption, they are in love) that I found on google. I chose to use giraffes for this assignment because I think they are pretty amazing. While …

**Camp Poster In-CoLoR**

This Assignment Bank project is called “Colorize Your World” and it is worth 1.5 stars.

So I thought that this camp poster could use a little color, and nothing screams camp like a nice dark green! You can almost smell the nature ahh~~!






Recent Reports of a Large, Ghost-like Bat Roaming Around

There have been reports in Gotham City of a giant humanoid bat spooking the citizens. Apparently, it has been leaving criminals tied and waiting to be sent to the Gotham City Police Department. Sounds like a bunch of bologna to me. Is there really a ghost or are people just …

Back to the world of Cartoons and Colors!

Here’s presenting my 2nd ds106 assignment!!!!!!!!!
The assignment is called ‘Colorize Your World‘.
What I had to do:
‘Take an image of anything you want, whether it is a cartoon character or an image from a movie and just change the colors around in Photoshop.’
The idea was really simple…

Got Web?

Did you ever wake up in the morning, and say:
“Man, I’m so grateful that the world wide web exists! What would I do without it?”
Well, if so, the vibrant guy in the picture above, Tim Berners-Lee, is who you should be thanking!
Hmm, wait a minute. This guy…

colorize your world

Las ds106 assigment, I picked up visual assigments again.

This picture took when I went to guam trip.
After I changed color, it became very nice!
more information about this assigment…

Colorize your world

colorize your world!
This is my fourth work of ds106 assignment.All I needed to do was just pick up a picture and change the colors. I couldn’t find any good one but this one. Such a wonderful picture that I took years ago!

Then I changed the colors  into sepia…

Colorize your world

Colorize your world!


This is a photo that I took in America. I changed its color to monochrome.Wow, it looks like an old photo.…

Colorize Your World

As You can see, I chose my favorite cartoon characters, Tom and Jerry! I found this CC image from Flickr, and saved it as a Paint file.
How I changed the colors:
1) I clicked on the Color 1 box in the Home tab of the ribbon.…

Colorize Your World: Visual Assignment

Colorize your world from ds106

I chose my favorite character Sponge Bob

Original version





this is the fourth blog of digital storytelling 106!

this is how I colorized my world one of my best friends drew the original drawing of me and the left words say “kosei ha sengen!” which means individual I wanted to show the EXACT my individual declaration through the…

My last visual/design assignment.. or not?

“To draw or not to draw, that is the question”. I hope no one came up with this quote already.. but shall i continue doing visual or design assigments? i guess so . it’ll help keep my creative juices flowing. well for now im going to do the visual assignment…

Just Imagining What Color Would the Mood Be Like


WELL, I’ve never seen an American Football game before, though… XD…

The Girl Who Wanted to Be…

An Alien! (Not that this isn’t the case already, seeing as I carry around an “Alien Registration Card” at all times.)

Took a page out of William’s (mome) book and did a self-portrait recolor!

The Blue Alien Girl with Pointy Teeth:


Nails by a friend, Nevertoomuchglitter on Etsy.…

On the orange that wanted to be a lime

ds106 assignment on re-colouring an object.

Re-coloured from this image here:

Orange, by Jgoge through CC Licensing.

My consideration here, as with the previous attempt was to start with an object that was already strongly associated with a colour, and then to break that association. As such an orange seemed…

On colorising worlds

ds106 assignment on re-colouring an object.

Once again done on Photoshop, with the considerations this time on taking something that seems almost inseparable from its original colour, and then changing that colour. The idea of the interaction between Mario and the red box is something that came a little after,…

colorize your world

here are some examples of changing iconic characters in to interesting colors
before                                            after
before                    …

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