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Create a silly Movie Poster

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Submitted by: Richard Barnes

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Yub Movie Poster

Take an exisiting movie poster and make it look silly. My final project involved an Ewok who wanted to be in a movie with Arnold Schwarzengger. This is his idea of a poster.

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Mustache Mia a Question

Silly Movie Poster

For this assignment, I used Photoshop’s selection tool to highlight the parts I want from the picture as shown below.

Then made copies of it on the Iron Man movie poster

Movie Posters IRL

This was an extremely time consuming process but I loved it so much I just had to make my life more difficult and make several! First of all, having to coordinate a time to meet up with my movie poster “models” was quite possibly the most difficult part of the …

Soylent Irony

Original poster can be found here. I’ve chosen a foreign version of the poster, as it was much higher quality than any in English. I’ve only added a small detail, but it adds quite a bit of dark humour to the whole thing, in my opinion. For those unfamiliar …

now kiss – visual assignment –

Ah, yes. My love for Gundam lately is unreal and the visual assignment I chose for today was essentially a movie poster parody. Let’s just say, my love for memes exceeds many things. Here’s what I ended up with after dwelling all day on what movie to parody…

I can’t …

The horrors of Pillsbury

For this Visual Assignment I created a silly movie poster using my final project character, the Pillsbury Doughboy.  I had to create a movie poster that then was transformed to silly, and then incorporate the doughboy. This was for a total of 4 stars.

The horrors of Pillsbury is a …

Remixing movie poster

For this assignment I chose to use one that I had already done as requested and remix it. I chose to do the silly movie poster that I had done where I had Jason Bourne and Kim Kardashians with the title He’s Just Not That Into You.

Then I …

Create a Silly Movie Poster: D.J. Bond

I couldn’t (for the life of me) get this to upload onto WordPress. I made the photo public so hopefully this link should lead to the new and improved movie poster.


He’s just not that into you

Kim Kardashian just can’t get over Jason Bourne

He’s just not that into you

Jason Bourne… just not that into you Kim why can’t you just let it go?

Silly Movie Poster

Jurassic Story

For this mock marked post I chose this assignment  which involved the creation of a silly movie poster.

Above you can see what I have created using Adobe Photoshop. I started by using a blank template of the Jurassic Park poster which I found on this website.  My …


A Robot wants to be a part of the movie with Adam Sandler.I got images of Adam Sandler & a Robot, using eraser tool removed the background,opened the second image as layer.Sized it using scale tool.Text tool to write the title of the movie ROBOT.

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Tutorials So Far

Create A Silly Movie Poster

So, how about a collaboration between Fifty Shades Of Grey and The Grey?

I recently saw a post with the most recent Fifty Shade’s Of Grey movie trailer. In the trailer it attempted to be dark and dramatic, so I thought, “Self, let’s make 50 Shades Of Grey a few …

Final Project Tutorial 1

The assignment was Create-a-silly-movie-poster. I created this assignment as there was nothing that matched what I needed for my final project in regards to a movie poster. I rated it as a two star difficulty. This is the original: (from

I cropped the photo in paint and …