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DS106 Bumper Stickers

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Submitted by: Michael Branson Smith

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Remix classic bumper stickers to promote the cause(s) of ds106, ds106radio, and ds106tv.

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Submissions So Far

Design Assignment 4 (2.5 Stars)

For this assignment I chose to quote the wise Rob Swanson from the TV show Parks and Rec. Since his character is depicted as a super manly, old school, no nonsense guy, I tried to portray this with the design that I chose for the bumper sticker. I went with …

DS106 Bumper Sticker: Honk If..

DS106 Bumper Sticker: Remix classic bumper stickers to promote the cause(s) of ds106, ds106radio, and ds106tv. (2.5 stars) 

For this design assignment, I create a bumper sticker featuring #ds106:

For this assignment, I designed my own bumper sticker by visiting Make Stickers. I was able to choose my template and …

Blog Post #5 – DS106 Assignment B

For the second assignment I did the design assignment to make a bumper sticker. I used these elements, the quote and the picture, because I enjoy plays on words and puns.

Bumper Sticker

For my next assignment I decided to do ds106 Bumper Stickers which is worth two stars. As soon as I saw this assignment I knew that I had to recreate this bumper sticker

As a resident of Virginia, I see this bumper sticker EVERYWHERE.   I guess the Outer Banks is …

New and Improved Bumper Sticker

I’ve got another 2-star assignment for you all!

I’ve recreated a classic Virginia bumper sticker to incorporate some ds106 love in it.
For this assignment I used Picmonkey. I grabbed “black wallpaper” from google images and added in text and the heart.

Here’s the original that I got my …

Bumper Sticker… 2 Stars! FINISHED

When I saw that one of the assignments was to make a bumper sticker for DS106 I got super excited. This one of of my favorite classes and I couldn’t help but make something cute/funny. I googled ‘Bumper Stickers’ for ideas, I saw one that said ‘I brake for hookers’…

Bumper Sticker: “I’m a DS106 FREE Loader”

For my last “Design” assignment, I chose to meet the “Bumper Sticker” challenge of Michael Branson Smith, who suggested that participants demonstrate creativity in the following manner:

Remix classic bumper stickers to promote the cause(s) of ds106, ds106radio, and ds106tv.

I realize that my creation is hardly a remix but…

BumPeR StIcKerS

I chose to do a Bumper sticker design assignment. The theme is DS106 and make a few bumper stickers that you would put on your car.
Process, I found 3 images threw google images and photoshopped them.Image 1 I found and added my text inside the area.Image 2 I found…

DS106: Drop Tuition Not Bombs

I’m still working on my book cover, but in the meantime I did Michael Branson Smith’s ds106 bumper sticker assignment, which is a blast. I love that it was so dead simple. All I did is take the originalbumper sticker I want to ds106ify and take out the fingers throwing…


Seems the obvious choice for a ds106 bumper sticker…

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Tutorials So Far

Tutorial: DS106 Bumper Stickers

This is a tutorial for the DS106 Bumper Stickers design assignment worth two stars. This assignment required you to create a bumper sticker which promotes the causes or effects of taking the DS106 class. I chose to create a dumper sticker that says “CAUTION DRIVER UNDER THE INFLUENCE OF DS106″,…