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Facebook Narrative

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Submitted by: Brian Brown

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Our generation has been using social networking for quite some time now. Take a moment to reflect. Look back at who you were, what you've done, and what this all means in those years now frozen in photographs on Facebook. Using anything that is published on a social networking site, such as photographs, video clips, and things you've wrote or tweeted, tell a narrative about yourself (example)

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Facebook Narrative

Remembering what it was like to be in middle school is not something I like to do often. I was awkward and ugly, to put it simply. Having to look at old pictures from seventh grade through eleventh grade was a fun trip down memory lane but I never want …

Oh, look- middle school photos!

Facebook narrative assignment, 3 stars. I did it because it was 3 stars and didn’t look like an insane amount of work.

The thing that took the most time was going through all of my old social media to find these photos and videos. And since I’m a huge …

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