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Fantasy TED Talks

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Submitted by: Ben Rimes

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Create a scene from a TED Talk being given by a fictional character. Obscure or well known, feel free to have your fictional character pontificating on their story, and their "essential truth" that has come to be known as TED Talks.

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In Nana We Trust

The Puffin Fairy Flock gave a fascinating Ted Talk on the new Speed Learn technology they acquired from The General over at the #Prisoner106 Village. With Speed Learn you can trust us that you will learn an entire three year course of material in … Continue reading →

Immigration Deform TED Talk

Probably the most well received talk at TED Tea Party City was Alien Woman, who shared her personal and moving story of thwarting the alien invasion.

(click for full sized glory image)

This Fantasy TED Talk assignment is brought to you by the ds10zone:

Create a scene from a TED …

Fantasy Ted Talk: Mom’s Spaghetti

I did not do anything classy for this assignment. Instead, I decided to do a take on an old meme that refuses to die.

Eminem at his TED Talk, available for use under the Creative Commons Share-Alike 3.0 Unported License

“Eminem knew he had one shot to make …

Ami Mizuno presents: Sailor Moon and the Gender of Power

I watched the most incredible TED talk last night. It was led by this super-intelligent Japanese high school student named Ami Mizuno. She was talking about the superheroine group the Sailor Senshi and how they reflect a more feminist, egalitarian and shame-free view of femininity, especially in the ways that…

Help me realize my ambitions! Gertrude Stein on Picasso at Ted

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Those of you who know me from way back know that in a previous life I had a minor obsession with Gertrude Stein.  Still…

? The Walking TED

I’ve got a little “zombie fever” with season 2 of The Walking Dead having started up last fall. If you haven’t watched that show you’re really missing out on some excellent quality programming for a channel that’s available to most cable packages. I decided to give my Fantasy TED Talk…


I’m spending this weekend all alone, and taking advantage of the peace and quiet to explore some new #ds106 assignments.
Here’s my fantasy TED talk:

I can’t explain it, but I went through a period in my mid-20′s when I was totally addicted to the Teletubbies. I found the show…

Lassie’s Trans-Species Truth on TED Stage

Ben Rimes has coined a clever new ds106 assignment that plays with visual mashups – in Fantasy TED Talks you are given free reign to:
Create a scene from a TED Talk being given by a fictional character. Obscure or well known, feel free to have your fictional character pontificating…

Slices of Life 41 – Just Being a Blip

This is a post that doesn’t know whether to be a podcast episode or a ds106 assignment. Those who take the time to listen might get a sense of just how perfect it is to do it as both. As this is the first Slice I’ve recorded since registering the…

Fantasy TED Talks – The Dude Abides

TED talks are passe, TEDx events are small potatoes, and TED-ED hasn’t really taken off yet. So why not create your own Fantasy TED Talk? Well, you can at least visualize your own ideal fictionalized TED Talk with the help of a few images and your favorite image editing software…

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