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Favorite historic character and host character interaction

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Submitted by: Melissa Mirada

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Do you have a favorite historically important character? He/she can be either a soldier, artist, physician, president, it can be anyone who had have an impact in history. Once you choose him/her create (writing or drawing) and scene or event when your favorite history character meet your host character.

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^^When Eve met Sacagawea^^

This Assignment Bank project is titled “Favorite Historic Character And Host Character Interaction” and it is worth 3 stars!

This is my first project out of the Fanfic category and I’m so excited because who doesn’t enjoy some good old fashioned fan-fiction.


Eve Winters had just sat …

Meeting Jose de San Martin

Jose de San Martin was the captain (the main person) who organize an army to liberate Argentina, Chile y Peru.

Hello, again my friends I am Repsag, I am taking again Melissa’s blog to write another story from one of my grand grand grand aunt. Her name was Teresa and …

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