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Fictional Radio Ad

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Submitted by: Heather Taylor

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Congratulations! You've been hired by your favorite fantasy world to create a radio ad for the imaginary business or event of your choice. Be as creative as you can and background music is highly encouraged. Simply give all the details about the business or occasion and maybe even create a clever slogan to go along with it! For mine, I made an ad for Linus' Pumpkin Patch/ the Great Pumpkin Festival from PEANUTS, however yours can be anything you wish! I highly recommend stripping background music from a youtube video and recording your voice/putting everything together in garage band or a similar application. Afterwards, go ahead and string some photos together to create an iMovie file that can be easily shared on YouTube. Have Fun!

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Fictional Radio Ad

Making a fictional Radio Ad…


For my second audio assignment this week, I did the the “Fictional Radio Ad” assignment, to contribute content to our radio show. This ad, set in a superhero infested universe, advertises “Supersurance” – insurance to cover superhero related damages.

I wrote a small script for this, and recorded it myself …

Another commercial

Here’s another commercial for the radio project. Made with Audacity.

Sweet n Sour Radio Ad

For the next two weeks, we are working on our radio show in groups. As a part of it, I have been tasked with creating an ad to play during our show.

To create my ad, I used an online voice recorder as I currently have no voice from being …

Real Fake Doors Ad

For this assignment I was to make a fictional radio ad for a fake company or imaginary business. My ad is for the company “Real Fake Doors” that sells real fake doors, doors that won’t open. This is not my original idea, but my ad is a take of the …

Fictional Radio Ad

This was based on the assignment found here (

This assignment was a ton of fun to work on mainly because I love the twisted world of invader zim. Everything there is grotesque and horrible so it is a ton of fun to separate yourself and pretend to …

Who Will Lead us Without Harambe?

This is my response to the Fictional Radio Ad assignment, worth 4 stars. I had to make an imaginary radio advertisement. I chose to promote the election of King Harambe’s successor. I tied this back to the semester’s overarching theme of the internet by building it on an internet …

Internet gene commercial 4 star

I made a radio ad for one of this weeks audio assignments. I wanted to make an ad that could go in our radio show, The Internet gene. One of the topics in our show would be about the health risks of the internet gene. I decided to make a …

Clown PSA from Chief of Police

For my first audio assignment, I created a fictional radio ad worth 4.5 stars that could be played during our broadcast. I chose to do an ad about this because of the creepy a$$ clowns that have been terrorizing the country, and there was one on my street yesterday. I …

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Radio Ad Tutorial

Audio Assignment: Fictional Radio Ad

Stars: 4.5

I created this assignment using Audacity.

Step 1: After opening Audacity, click the record button at the top to start recording what you want to say in your commercial and then the stop button at the top to stop recording.


Step …