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GIF Animate Your Day Like Ben

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Submitted by: Alan Levine (for Ben Rimes)

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Ben Rimes regularly takes a day (February 2012 and December 2012) to capture key moments each as an animated GIF - as you go through a day look around and identify places, moments, things that are well represented in the infinite looping form. Assemble at least 5 of them to capture the essences of your day, start to end and publish as a single blog post, with narrative.

What does it mean to see your day in just this form?

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Submissions So Far

A Truly Endless Summer

My take on “GIF Animate your day like Ben.” The following GIFs cover a single, typical day for me at Lake Tahoe!

Approximately 7:45 am, June 28, 2017: Coffee tastes better when poured in the soft sunlight that undulates between the upper branches of the Ponderosa Pine trees peaking over …

Paige the psych student life in 5 gifs

(Heads up: apparently I have ugly hands and can’t make a bed.)

Anyways, this isn’t about me, this is about Paige the psych-major-turned-RN. She is my main character for my final project and as a RN these are her duties: laundry, making bed, doling out medication, making meals, and bathing …

For all Eternity


An elvish man, long dark hair, two braids at the side of his head, tied back and braided together to keep hair out of his face.  The sound of a morning lark wakes up a man, he get’s out of bed and gets ready for the day ahead …

Titan’s Big Day

Hello, my name is Titan!

I’m always up to no good, but my family loves me anyway. It doesn’t matter how many toys I destroy, shoes I chew, or what part of the deck I decide to eat, someone always wants to cuddle with me at the end of the…

My #ISTE2015 Animated GIF Day

For many years I protested that I had no clear need to attend the annual International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) Conference. From the social media streams and vendor receptions, it has the appearance of an ostentatious event focused on selling the latest and greatest gadgets, apps, and …

Happy ThanksGIFing

I’ve been known to GIF my day on special occasions. Alan Levine even created an honorary #ds106 assignment in my name for the practice. And in honor of the the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday here in the United States, I thought I’d take a day to share what I’m grateful …

Coffee and Chihuahuas

Week 5: Visual Assignment #3

For my last visual assignment this week, I chose to GIF animate my day like Ben. I used my iPhone to capture videos that told the story of my day well, however I made the mistake of not reading the directions thoroughly. This assignment …

Taylor on Tour

For my sixth assignment for my final I choose GIF Animate Your Day Like Ben.  This assignment is to capture key moments each as an animated GIF – as you go through a day look around and identify places, moments, things that are well represented in the infinite looping …

My Animated GIF Birthday!

It’s April 12th! It’s my Birthday! What better way to celebrate than a special edition of “My Animated GIF Day“! Come back throughout the day for updates with new GIFs…if you’re into that sort of thing

5:56 am
I’ve been up for about 30 minutes or so. I …

GIF animate your day like Ben.

Here’s my attempt at animating my day through GIFs. The assignment can be found here. I didn’t do my entire day, but a pretty good portion is represented.

I usually begin my day frantically flipping through my daily planner to see what homework I need to finish. On this …

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Tutorials So Far

4 1/2 star Assignment Bank


This is my lighter “Gif”. I spend a lot of time out on my porch, lighters are something I fidget with. I downloaded an app called “ImgPlay” to create the loop. This assignment was worth 41/2 stars. I uploaded my Gif to my YouTube channel (abbissss28). Enjoy! #VisualAssignments #VisualTutorials802 …

GIF Your Day Tutorial

For the GIF Animate Your Day Like Ben assignment, you need to create 5 animated gifs of your life. While it may seem daunting, this task is super simple! Here’s what a finished product might look like:

And here are the steps to reach that!


Step 1: Film …