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I am me

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Submitted by: Anapaula Ojeda

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Make a video that represents who you are. You can either talk about yourself, show pictures or show things that you like to do (don't let these limit you). The point is to be creative and let your fellow ds106'ers know a little about who you are and what you're about. Feel free to incorporate things into your video (music, pictures, words, etc). Don't forget to have fun while creating it.

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Submissions So Far

I am me: The evolution of my hair

For anyone who knows me, knows that I am a freak when it comes to my haircut and hairstyles. In watching this video, you will be able to tell that I have had numerous over the years, though none too strange. I am an avid visitor of the barber shop …

G W Zimmerman Week 4 Weekly Summary

Week 4

Fueled by peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, vast quantities of black coffee, and one or two adult libations (dirty martinis) I powered through this week. I refused to get frustrated by software and programs that were not senior citizen friendly. Years ago when I was an electronics technician …

Mr. Z Important Things in My Life

This 4 1/2 star assignment captures one of the fundamental aspects of my personality. I am a saluki hound aficionado. I have had saluki hounds for over 55 years of my life. I received my first saluki as a child, growing up in Saudi Arabia, from one of our Saudi …


Stars: 4.5

I am me. I am Agent Reveal. I decided to use pictures to describe who Agent Reveal is. This is similar to the “Who is Agent Reveal” assignment, but this time, I am talking about who she really is, more personal things with some awesome guitar riffs in …

Agent Smith – Me

Video Assignment(4.5 stars) [4.5/12]

In this video, I explained some of the things I’m interested in and also a little bit about myself. I chose this video because it didn’t take too much effort to complete for the difficulty rating, but it was still troublesome since I have to …

I am a Rancher

Worth 4 1/2 stars, I did an assignment called I am me. Instead of doing this video about myself though, I did it about my character Bob the rancher. The instructions tell you to make a video of showing pictures or things you like or like to do. Seeing …

I Am Me

This assignment really appealed to me! I love looking at past memories, and compiling them was super fun! I went through my Facebook to figure out how to best depict me, and here’s what I found: my friends, family, dance, and cats!! I really could not describe me any better. …

I am Gabby

This is a Video Assignment that is worth 4 and a half stars. This assignment involves making a video of yourself whether that be video clips or images of yourself and things that make up you as a person. In a sense to give your classmates a glimpse of who …

I am ME

This assignment was to create a video to describe who someones is using any thing. I used pictures and music to describe my character, Conway. I used movie maker to create this video. All of the pictures are personal photos but the go really well with I created my character …

A Song for Jack

This is the I am me assignment worth 4 1/2 points.

This is an altered version of the song John Wayne Gacy Jr. by Sufjan Stevens. Only the lyrics from the first verse remain from the original song. The rest, even some of the guitar licks, have been changed for …

Who am I? Wouldn’t You Like To Know……

I Am Me (4.5 Stars)

I decided to make this video about myself. I don’t know why, but I just had an urge to record something. Its for the most part about what has happened recently in my life. Been out of school for couple months now. I’m currently traveling …

Introductory-level Delia

A quick little video that I put together for this 4.5 banana assignment. I definitely didn’t do multiple takes or edit the video in any way. Nope, just all me and my raw talent. One hundred percent.

Anyway- let’s not talk about the video for now. How are you …

Layla Arkwood ~ I Am Me

This assignment was fun. I had to create a video that explained who I am or, well, who Layla Arkwood is. It was very nice filming everything and cutting them together. This was a more relaxed assignment and I actually enjoyed it.

I’m not completely dangerous. I mean, you should …

Who I am-George Bozo

I picked this 4.5 star assignment and I did in on the character of George Bozo, he is Barbara Hall’s 1940’s character.  I read everything I could about George and I made a PowerPoint and converted it to a WMV file so that I could post it on YouTube.  I …

This is who I Am

Here’s another amazing video assignment! One that lets you show all about you and who you are. I chose this one because people tend to judge a book by its cover, meaning people are very judgmental.  I have always been and will be a country girl, many people take …

About Me… Again… In Video Form

4.5 Stars

For this assignment, I decided to break out my laptop and grab some of my favorite items that described me around the room. Recording was fairly simple since my laptop has a built in microphone and camera. I just used the camera app that was installed and …

I am Me

I Am Me! – 4.5 Stars


I am not sure there will ever be enough pictures, videos, music and/or time to show the person I am and the things I like. With that said, I am a person who loves anything and everything and I am always up for …

I will change for no one ever

I love myself but I am that weird child that loves animals from under the sea and loves to eat them too. I know that sounds weird but its like they taste good what am I supposed to do? Exactly! Well I think that my I am me video has …

The Ice-Keeper

Whilst the Fandom Princess was on her annual winter season break from her scholarly estate, she decided that she would stop by some of the local villages on her carriage ride back home and take a look  around at some of their ancient shops.

At one particular town, she stepped …

Who are you? I am me!

*work in progress!

I really enjoyed this assignment just because it involved doing a recording and over the course of DS106, I have gotten extremely comfortable infront of the camera! This assignment is called I am me, and you’re suppose to make a video that represents you to your fellow …

The life of Brittney

I was searching through the ds106 video bin to see which assignment I wanted to do and I stumbled across a four star assignment called I am me for this assignment you had to make a video that represents who you are that allows my fellow ds106ers know about me …

The many faces of Anapaula

The new assignment I created is called, I am me.  I wanted to do a video assignment that shows a bit of our personality and who we are.  With ds106 being mostly an online course, sometimes it’s nice to know … Continue reading

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Tutorials So Far

“I Am Me”

This video assignment is collection of photos that represent me.

I made a video that represents who I am.

For this assignment you could either talk about yourself, show pictures or show things that you like to do. I choose to add one of my favorite songs as the background …

The many faces of Anapaula

The new assignment I created is called, I am me.  I wanted to do a video assignment that shows a bit of our personality and who we are.  With ds106 being mostly an online course, sometimes it’s nice to know … Continue reading