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I’ll Love You Forever

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Submitted by: Michael Branson Smith

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Help that cinematic love last for eternity by turning it into an animated GIF.

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It’s Love.

Mako + Raleigh = Love


I don’t talk about love much. It’s a weird sort of topic for me. You could even say embarrassing.

I’m not really good at expressing emotion so that’s probably the issue (;?;)

In fact, it’s kind of weird I actually decided to do this

Permanence Lost

Reading Chris Lott’s poetic comment about loss in response to Jim’s assertion that Nothing is Lost
…there’s not only nothing wrong with writing one’s poem and sending it down the river on fire, it might be a significantly better way to transcend the technical issues and consider what it means…

Giffing Around

It is the ds106 GIFfest. This one might fit ds106 Assignments: I’ll Love You Forever.

From La Dolce Vita and while I am at it:…

Love and Boxing, GIFfed

The eclectic Woody Allen has had many romantic encounters, on and off screen. How could he ever forget his lively yet draining down under love affair?

I was going to make a new assignment for the #ds106 GIFfest, but sometimes it is more fun to make the GIF fit, in…

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