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Interview/Music Mashup

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Submitted by: Laura Blankenship

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In the 70s, Dickie Goodman created a series of interviews where the interviewee responded with snippets from popular songs. They were hilarious.

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“This is Brittany, coming at you live with Kirk Cousins…”

For my next design assignment this week I did “Interview/Music Mashup” (3 stars). I loved the example that was posted on the assignment page, as well as some of the other people’s takes on it. They all turned out super funny so I figured I would give it …

Don’t bite your friends!

For this audio assignment, I had to pretend to interview someone and have their responses be snippets from songs.

I chose to interview Luis Suarez, a profession Uruguayan soccer player. If you don’t know what happened recently in a World Cup match, Suarez was caught biting an opponent. This …

Live From ESPN

For this audio assignment I chose to do the interview/mashup.  I based my interview on ESPN and Lebron James because well, he have been trending on twitter all day since he revealed he will be returning to Cleveland.  Here it is:

Here is the transcript of the interview.  All …

Playoff Sound Off

Since basketball has infiltrated our house once more this spring in the realm of the NBA playoffs, I decided to dedicate my second audio assignment of the week to the Washington Wizards who, though by a thread, are a part of the playoffs this year.

I interviewed Randy Wittman about …

20 Questions & Answers About DS106

I have just completed the “Audio Assignments” section of my free online Digital Storytelling DS106 course and I have learned two very important facts. Having struggled through the creation of a 14 minute radio interview, I now have the utmost respect for the technical wizards who work “behind the scenes”…

Reactions to these new turn of events

So i’m sure by now everyone has heard of the events that’s happened in the last few days. We lost Dr.Oblivion, and now the prime suspect, Jim Groom has gone missing…but not before going mad and banishing some people. Fortunately for us, there is an audio recording of the event…

I’d sooner chew my leg off

Audio Assignment – Interview/Music Mashup

DickieGoodman by edrummon
For the interview/music mashup I did a remix of Dickie Goodman’s “Kong” (original can be found here: where Goodman interviews King Kong while he is roaming around New York City. I used audacity again, had to find the close to exact timings of all of the…

Audio Experiment #2 Mash-up

This crazy mashup was so fun to do. i think the hardest part was thinking up questions and then thinking of the right songs to respond. It doesn’t help if you don’t listen to a lot of music. After i imported the songs i wanted to use, it was very…

Audio II — Musical Interview

Cue “More” tag…
Link to the mp3 file:
I actually had a lot of issues with this assignment — longer than necessary pauses, unnecessary bits of audio from me, and really radical differences in volume when comparing myself to some of the clips I used.  Thankfully, Audacity provides methods…

Audio#2 Dickie Goodman

Audio assignment – Interview/Music Mashup
Assignment Author: Laura Blankenship
Description: In the 70s, Dickie Goodman created a series of interviews where the interviewee responded with snippets from popular songs. They were hilarious.
So here’s my attempt…Guess who Mrs. Smith REALLY is

The audio clips came from YouTube: Duffy’s I’m Begging…

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Tutorials So Far

Interview/Music Mashup Tutorial

Below is a tutorial for the “Interview/Music Mashup” Assignment using GarageBand.

For songs I didn’t already have, I used a YouTube to mp3 converter.

Once you find the song on YouTube, just copy the link and paste it into the box above the buttons that says “Covert Video.” Then …