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Make that money!

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Are you bored with money? Is George looking old and tired? Let's give him a digital facelift! This assignment is inspired by this gallery ( of cartooning on bills, but you're not limited to drawing. You can draw on a bill and upload a picture, or use image editing software. Nor are you limited to American currency ( Now go out there and make that money!

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For the Love of Money

My first of three Visual Assignments this week is to provide a “digital facelift” to a one-dollar bill, based on a gallery dedicated to drawing on money. This particular challenge, as well as the two to follow, were all worth three-and-a-half stars at the time of their selection, making my …

Visual Assignment – George Dub’s Looking Good

My edition of “Make that money!”, an assignment worth 3 1/2 stars.

George Dub lookin’ good.…

Baby Currency

This is my new currency. Its money for africa that I modified to make into baby money. I thought it was really funny.…

Making Money

Money Money Money , you see them all the time you spent them , you earn them. however  have you ever seen Money with art on it?. Well i have sometime  seem sometime with Super Mario art or even Retro style. Well i decided to make on of my own, …


George’s Facelift

For this picture I uploaded a picture of a quarter onto paint. I then gave George some black highlights, blue eye, and then a pink bow. I then saved the image and opened it up on GIMP2. Once it was on GIMP2 I was able to distort the photo to…

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