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Make Your Own Mixtape

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Submitted by: Cole Hodges

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Mixtapes can come in different forms--sometimes a mixtape is just a collection of one's favorite tracks, sometimes it is a collection of tracks put out by a sinlge artist. Sometimes they have small edits made to them, like a DJ saying their catchphrase.

Try creating a mixtape of your own. Mixtape is broadly defined in this case. It can just be a collection of songs with some theme (genre, etc.), or you can mess with the tracks. You can add a small touch here and there or edit the tracks to your heart's content, adding outside sounds using tools from your favorite audio editing software.

I've been playing around with Audacity, which is free, so that cold be a good place to start.

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Submissions So Far

Our Hero Needs Some Theme Music

For this 4.5 star assignment, I had to create a mixtape of songs. I chose to do this for our hero from the sound effect story. His music needed to be epic, telling that he is a hero worthy of being known. What had he done to earn …

Spring break!

Spring break officially started today in school and eventhough I will be here studying most of the time, I decided to make a playlist that expresses my emotions, thoughts, and wishes. It was not the easiest task to come up with songs that fit into the theme of spring break …

New Alternative Mixtape

I tries to throw together a mix tape of new and old alternative songs that I liked to listen to and have spent a lot of time playing. Most of these songs are very well known and popular but some of them might be a little different so let me …

Spy Mix-Tape

For this four point audio assignment, I decided to create a Soundcloud mix-tape of notable spy songs, many of which related to my radio group’s specific topic of sexspionage. You can view the playlist below!

I wanted to avoid song covers, to capture the original songs’ direct references of …

Mixtape Hot Fire

The broad definition of a mixtape is a collection of songs. The directions for this assignment weren’t really clear on what was needed to do so I chose some songs that were important to me. The songs I chose for this mixtape are from artists that I saw live and …

My Killer Playlist

Who doesn’t love making playlists/mixtapes? I might have went a little overboard with 29 tracks, but let’s just say it’s Volume 1 and Volume 2. Almost all of these are early 2000s music from when I was a kid. It’s basically of a mixture between pop, R&B, boyband music, and …

My Mixtape

Here is my mixtape for the week.  I’ve never really sat down to create one of my own but I enjoyed putting these songs together.  I couldn’t do this from the top of my head and I wanted the songs to fit and mix smoothly so I went on my …

My Mixtape

“My own Mixtape”

My first assignment of audio week, I decided to do the first thing that popped up which was the assignment called ” Make Your Own Mixtape”. The assignment was rated three stars and it instructed to make my own mixtape out of anything I wanted. I am going to be …

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Tutorials So Far

Mixtape Master

This is a mixtape that I decided to throw together for a bus trip I had recently. It’s just a simple, fun classic rock playlist with some varied sounds and artists. A lot of these songs are what I grew up listening to on CD or on the Sirius Radio …