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Mixing songs like batter

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Submitted by: Ashley

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The point in this assignment is try to take two exact songs that are different versions and try to play them at the same time. The point is try to get the singers to sing together at the same time and have a mash up of past music and present music. For my example I mixed up a song from Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett with Cole Porter, the song is called Anythhing Goes.

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Eleanor Rigby

For the Audio assignment, I decided to do a mash-up of an original song and a cover of that song. The assignment was called Mixing Songs like batter and was rated 4 1/2 stars. I think It deserves a 5 because it was pretty fricken hard!

I attempted to take …


You may wonder why I broke the capitalization habit and POSTED THE SUBJECT IN ALL CAPS. Well, it’s because I’m excited. I found this assignment and, while it doesn’t have to do with radio, it’s a challenging one. I write this preamble before beginning so as to chronicle this journey. …

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