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Motivational Poster

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Submitted by: Ashley Jackson

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Find an image and design a Motivational Poster for that situation. It should include advice or a favorite quote. Feel free to get creative or make it sarcastic. 

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Motivation to the Max!

Here is Tiger Woods sinking the putt at the 2008 US Open to win. Gives me chills every-time. The quote is great because it is from The Office where Michael Scott quotes Wayne Gretzky and makes Gretzky’s quote his own.…

Stay Hungry

I made this using Gimp. Go after what you want in life.

Motivational Poster (Design)

For this assignment, the aim was to create a motivational/humourous/sarcastic poster. This is worth 3 out of 8 stars.

My finished product looks like this:

Two things that made me create this:

I first thought i’d do a different Ice Age quote which is still from Sid the Sloth;…

Motivating You

For my second assignment I chose this three star assignment that said to create a motivational poster.


For this assignment, I was inspired by something last week and my superhero character. Last week, when I listened to the DS 106 radio, I listened to a Batman show where, …

congrats – design assignment –

Oh look! Another Pidge inspired design.

For today’s design assignment, I chose a fun one; creating a motivational poster. I wanted to originally do something sarcastic or “meme-ful” but alas…I’m not feeling any sarcasm rolling out of my brain and last night was filled with Voltron binging. So, here’s some …

Victory (Barely)

I have always found motivational posters, or more often seen, demotivational posters as a really entertaining form of media. For this assignment worth three stars I had to design a motivational poster around an image. So I chose an image based on something that happened in the last session of …


The color scheme of this photo was too bomb not to make into an anti-motivational poster.  Pixlr has become my friend this week so I was able to make this fairly quickly.  Just a bit of font change and positioning and voila.  The perfect thing to make you give up …


a little advice for our secret agents


The majestic eagle who is watching all us secret agents is telling us to get back in bed if you can’t get the bad guy the first time

Don’t Break Your Back

This is my response to the Motivational Poster assignment, worth 3 stars. I had to design a motivational poster with a picture and a quote. I used Inkscape. Actually putting this little project together was very easy. The hard part was deciding what to do. There were so many possibilities …

Motivational Poster

The third assignment that I created for the week was a motivational poster worth 3 stars. My GIMP skills are improving! This was not too bad of an assignment after learning the other two. Definitely gaining speed with the program.

I first searched for a quote that I liked. I …

Don’t drink and drive please!









Assignment details can be found on the following page:
I thought of many ideas like fire preventions, walking on snow and some more but the one I believe is more relevant while living in cities is to say something about drunk …

How Does One “Adult”?

This assignment was a great stress release for me. I’ve had such a hectic week between work and the two classes I’m taking. I think it’s really important to stop and reflect that it’s okay that you don’t have your life together sometimes. Lord know, I do not have everything …

Enjoying Failure

My grandmother was a very wise and patient person. She had to be. She was the calm center of the hurricane that is my family. There was always some crisis that at least half the family had to get involved in that my grandma would patiently listen to, make the …

A Little Motivation For You

Here is the poster I made for the Motivational Poster (3 stars) design assignment. Credits to Taylor Nguyen for the photo. Yeah, turf burns are no joke.

Behind the Creation

As I was scrolling through the design assignment bank on the ds106 website, I saw this assignment and immediately knew …

What do you mean I shouldn’t always give 100% ?

Everyone needs a little motivation sometimes right? How about sarcastic motivation?… we can use a little of that also right? RIGHT! Everything is better when its funny. Creating a motivational poster for this design assignment was fun. I think it really brought some creativity out of me.

I donated blood …

DS106 Design Assignment: Motivational Poster

Made this DS106 Design Assignment and added a Coen brothers twist.  If you’ve ever seen The Big Lebowski, you’ll understand the context.  Very simple design using (gasp!) Microsoft Power Point.


Yes, he knows.

You know, generally I dislike memes, including motivational posters, but I thought this was vaguely funny.

note: most people that play d&d (or other rpg) are of both average intellect and average social competence, heh.

also note, if you’re making a wizard character, night caps are silly! Silly wizards are …

Informed Decisions

I was scrolling through assignments trying to figure out which one to attempt when I came across the motivational poster one.

It caught my eye due to the fact that many motivational posters nowadays floating around the internet tend to be sarcastic and funny.  

At the time of creation …

Undertale Inspiration

Just Sans and good times. I guess?

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Tutorials So Far

Looking into creativity: Forced to see with two different eyes

As we travel through education and life, hopefully were are challenged to be creative in multiple ways, to challenge what has been put before us, and change the things we do not like, but what is creativity? What is ‘being’ creative? Are creativity and artistic synonymous, or just related? Do …

Motivate Dracula

After donating his beloved blood, Dracula is in need of some motivation. Create a motivation poster that would lift his spirits by following these steps.

Start off on, upload the photo you’ll be using onto one of the pre-designed templates under the layout option. Re-size the photo to …