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Motivational Poster!

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De-Motivational posters are very common on the internet these days, but people often forget about the thing they were based on--Motivational posters. Why not make one of those for a change of pace? Motivate yourself (or someone else).

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Need Some Inspiration?

So for this assignment, I decided to go pretty simplistic. I am a huge fan of inspirational quotes – like I’m the person with those little wooden things that have quotes on them. I used a picture that I stumbled upon one day awhile ago. I felt the picture …

Motivational Poster

Assignment (3 1/2 stars)

For this assignment, we had to create a motivational poster. I chose to focus on the concept of teamwork, and found this picture that I thought worked perfectly. It’s not very often you see cats and dogs getting along together in the first place, but much …

“Drink Coffee” Self-Help Motivational Poster – AB 4


My niece is a poster child for coffee consumption. Some of us are destined for it. This is not a morning person (I pity her future husband). Drinking coffee, for the sunrise averse, saves lives. The message:
If you hate mornings, please, get caffeinated.

I …

Cool, Refreshing Drink of ….

I am a fan of the Motivational Posters.  Refreshing is my favorite, whatever your beverage choice is….as long as it’s nice and cool, as well as refreshing…it’s going to be GOOD!  I find myself relaxing more when I have a cool beverage in my hand.  It just seems to …

Funny….I do this for a living

This assignment really struck me because I actually do this for a living. I motivate people. Part of my job is to motivate them online as well. These are a few pieces I just finished editing these, this morning.


Link to Assignment 3 Stars


While creating Donnie Rawlen’s character week-by-week, I’ve noticed that he seems to lack a core.  He was hesitant of the guns present at the end of “Six Slingers and a Singer” and took a brief drive to the docks to write. This is noir! He needs some rationale behind …


For this design assignment, I had to make a motivational poster. I decided to incorporate my character Johnny “Corner Pocket” McCormick for this.

In a recent interview by Boston’s News Channel 10, they interviewed Boston’s best and most notorious pool player, Johnny “Corner Pocket” McCormick. They asked Johnny, “What motivation …

Mid-semester Motivation

This assignment was titled “Motivational Poster!” and it’s worth 3 stars. I created this poster and narrated it as my character, Lena. This is the link to the assignment:

“Today was one of those days when you get a glimpse of the light at the end of the tunnel …

I command You to be Motivated!

For this design assignment, I had to create a motivational poster. These posters are very common online and in office rooms above desks. Its just a picture  inside a black frame with a bold word or statement, followed by a sentence to motivate you relating to that bold word …

Design Assignment: Motivational Poster(3pts)- “A Tangled Dream.”

Tangled is one of my top favorite Disney movies of all time and I feel it sends a great message about the idea of dreaming and how it should be continuous. Flynn Ryder tells Rapunzel to find a new dream when she fears that fulfilling her dream of seeing the …

Epigraph Movtivational Poster

Hiya! So for a mashup I decided to make a motivational poster but I wanted to incorporate the Wire as well. So I thought back through some of the assignments that I completed and I found the alternative epigraphs assignment. I knew that this would be perfect! So I found …


The fourth design assignment that I chose was Motivational Poster! The objective of this assignment was to create a motivational poster, something similar to this:

Something simple, but something that conveys a point, and a general idea. To start this assignment, I first wanted to chose the quote I wanted …

Anger Management

This assignment was for a motivational poster, but I couldn’t resist the temptation to make a DE-motivational poster, and Rawls was my first inspiration.  He’s the most demotivating manager in the show, and makes no effort at controlling his anger issues. This was captured from Season 1, Episode 1 where …

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A Motivational Poster..

For me, a motivational poster could be represented by no one else other than my favorite character, Omar.  I wanted to pull Omar into this assignment.  I used one of the images that I had used for the “Where are they now?” design assignment.  I inserted the …

Motivational Poster

I see the motivational posters all over the place, in corporate offices, schools, you name it. I have also seen those de-motivational posters, which by the way crack me up to no end. But the actual motivational ones can be inspiring and entertaining as well. They say you can leave …

Have a little faith

For my last design assignment, I decided to make a motivational poster.  I had a really rough start to my week so I thought a little motivation was just what I needed.  I keep a journal of my favorite quotes, and that’s where I found this one.

On Sunday, …

Design Assignment #2: Motivational Poster

My Motivational Poster

This photograph was taken by me on the best trip of my entire life: Australia! For almost three weeks, I backpacked with my best friend all over the southern part of the beautiful country. Our trip took up the large majority of my past winter break, in …


For this week you should complete two ds106 design assignments, each should be posted to your blog, appropriately tagged and categorized.

For my first design assignment I decided to do the Motivational Poster with one of my old photos I had from my trip Africa. I remember how …


Here’s my motivation poster.  This was again done from scratch like most of my work. I did this one in the spirit of relaxation. In life we are always so busy most of the time we are so busy, we forget to stop and take a breather. “Life moves pretty …

Or else


I made a motivational poster to mock the Twilight Zone theme of the  “Eye of the Beholder” episode.  I think the poster speaks for itself.  It demonstrates how straightforward main idea was in the episode.  To make this project I took Andrew’s advice and used the motivational poster generator

Or else


I made a motivational poster to mock the Twilight Zone theme of the  “Eye of the Beholder” episode.  I think the poster speaks for itself.  It demonstrates how straightforward main idea was in the episode.  To make this project I took Andrew’s advice and used the motivational poster generator

Week 4 Summary

Creating Commons media is something of a treat for me. I always enjoy the idea of creating something that someone else may have the fortune to use another day. Reason being, the internet is so diluted with the idea of making money, and that’s not what the internet was created …

Motivational Poster! **

I was inspired to complete an assignment called Motivational Poster! (worth two stars) from the ds106 Assignment Bank,  because I love reading demotivational posters.  This design assigment, however, called to create an original motivational poster; something to inspire, not degrade.

I found a photo on my computer of …

Final Project: The Man. The Myth. The Paul.

Have you ever experienced a person, an ENTITY, a being that was so out of this world?? For instance, a legend.. Someone, or something, that many people could speak of but never truly understand? How about the man, the myth? I’m sure you know of him. He has even pervaded the DS106 culture… now, he …

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Tutorials So Far

Motivational Poster

So for the first assignment I made, I made something very simple: the assignment is to make a motivational poster.  Not a demotivational poster–the original: the MOTIVATIONAL poster. And so, without further ado, I have made this motivational poster.  May … Continue reading