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Submitted by: Lisa M Lane

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Take a movie's soundtrack and reduce it into an under-10 minute radio show, e.g. ,

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Movie as a Radio

Movie as a Radio is one of the audio assignment that I decided to do. It is worth 3.5 stars. I have to put the soundtrack of a movie in 10 minutes. One of the movies that we are reviewing for the radio show is The Others. So the sound …

Movie As Radio: Drive

I did the Movie As Radio assignment for the movie Drive.

I chose Drive because the soundtrack plays a huge part in the movie. There isn’t a whole lot of dialogue. It’s a lot of staring and driving.

Here’s the trailer for the movie:

It’s a classic action movie with …

Aladdin Soundtrack Mashup

Hiya! This assignment, Movie as Radio (3 1/2 stars), was a lot of fun! We were supposed to take a soundtrack to a movie and combine all of the tracks to create a 10 minute or less. I thought this assignment would be so fun if I did a Disney …

And They Lived Happily Ever Aca-After

I love the movie Pitch Perfect, and I knew I wouldn’t mind listening to the soundtrack over and over, so I decided to transform it into a radio show for the Movie as Radio audio assignment worth 3 stars. In order to do this assignment I downloaded a few …

Movie as Radio

I loved this assignment. My favorite movie soundtracks of all time are the Harry Potter movies. So I went about formulating how I was going to bring the magic of harry potter in to an under 10 min track. First, I choose to do the most recent Harry Potter movie…

Movie As Radio

5 stars
This assignment was more difficult but I accepted the challenge. I picked the movie 3:10 to Yuma. I picked most of the scenes that were important to the movie so you could tell what was going on during the movie even as media clips.
However, the clip went…

Raging Bull Radio

This week I wanted to challenge myself with this awesome assignment for DS106 radio which turns a movie into a good radio show. In essence, my goal was to transform a movie’s soundtrack (music, dialogue, sound effects) into a condensed abstract version of the film. Ever since I read the…

Shortened Harry

The movie as radio assignment intrigued me. I have a few soundtrack recording, like Quincy Jones’ In The Heat Of The Night and Lalo Schifrin’s score for Dirty Harry. In these movies, we hear in the ambient background noise an occasional snippet of a song coming from a radio in…

The ds106 99: #46 The Thing in 7 minutes

Image credit: D’Arcy Norman’s brilliant Minimalist Travel Poster
Back in January Lisa M. Lane came up with an awesome assignment for ds106radio which was basically to turn a movie into good radio. What this entails is taking key parts of a film’s soundtrack (music, dialogue, sound effects, etc.) and compressing…

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Movie As Radio Tutorial

How to do the Movie As Radio assignment (you can see my assignment here):

First, you need to decide on what movie you want to do.
Once you have decided on the movie, consider what music and dialogue you would like to include to best represent the movie. When…