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One Shot

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Submitted by: Tom

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Take a single photograph. Chop it up comic book style to create tension and narrative. Checkout this image for an example*. *It may, or may not, be one image- the concept is still sound.

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The Desk of Agent Fawn

I took on the One Shot assignment that is worth 3 stars. I decided to use this assignment along with my character. The idea of the one shot was to take one image and split it into a comic style to convey something. I decided to tweak that a little, …

Battle of Morro Bay!

On a photo trip to Morro Bay, California I encountered a seal and a pelican duking it out for domination of the bay. The One Shot assignment for ds106 fits this perfectly. Unfortunately I couldn’t capture the moment in one photo but a few shots created a compelling collage.

Take …

DS106 Assignment A

This is my interpretation for the DS106 assignment ‘One Shot’.


One Shot

This Photo was taking May 28 of last year(2012) . It was my best friend Tiara Birthday, we all decided to head to BBQ’s on Time Square 42nd . And in this photo shows split personality, of all of my classmates just in this one shot


Design Pick 2 – Comic Photo

This design pick was the one where you use a couple photos to create a something like a comic. Here’s my attempt.

I used pictures of my two dogs chasing each other for a tennis ball.First Mina, the lighter dog, has the ball and Caitey, the darker ball, decides to chasing her,…

One Picture Story

The goal was to take one photo and chop it up to make something that tells a story or creates some kind of tension by breaking the image into pieces. I had the idea for the “assignment” after seeing this shot1 on #FFFFFound.
I’ll rate this one a partial success.…

Are You Laughing at Me?

Trying out One Shot from the set of the Visual Assignments in ds106.
Take a single photograph. Chop it up comic book style to create tension and narrative
This original is from my 2008 visit to Iceland, with the horse Nonni in the background laughing (or yawning at me).


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Tutorials So Far

One Shot Tutorial

Welcome to the tutorial for the One Shot Assignment! This assignment can be tricky so I’m making this tutorial to offer my advice and instruction on a simple way to complete it.

What you will need:

A photo with multiple subjects

Microsoft Word

A photo cropping tool

Step 1: …