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Parallel Plot Media Mash Up

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Submitted by: Emily DelRoss

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Take two different types of media which share a similar plot line and mash them up to better express the story. For example, use the audio from a book on tape and the film form a movie adaptation of the same story or maybe cut between two TV shows with episode that share a similar story line. It's up to you, just explain your thinking!

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The Boys of Summer Go Outside

For the Parallel Plot assignment, I decided to assemble clips of the kids from The Wire season 4 to Childish Gambino’s “Outside.” I think a lot of struggles Childish Gambino references in the song as well as the EP it appears on are seen on The Wire. Whether or not …

Parallel plot
Parallel plot mashup
Parallel Plot Media Mash Up: “The Lion King” Meets “Hamlet”

For this assignment I wanted to compare the plot similarities between two different types of media. For example, when you are involved in a rediculous situation and think you might be in a real life version of Seinfeld. Or when you watch a TV show and it seems to follow…

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