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Submitted by: Tom Woodward

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machine gun patent

Google has a magic search for all sorts of patent drawings. There is really amazing stuff in there that is both old and new. Find something you really like and turn it into the kind of image you'd have hanging on your wall. That could mean making it look vintage, excising pieces, using it as the source for something totally new. 

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Watch Patents

For the Patent Pending Visual Assignment, I felt that I would hang some old patent drawings of pocket watches on my walls at my home or in the Steadfast Sleuths office. I found the pocket watch and stopwatch images through a Google image search and used the photo-editing elements …

A Fortune Telling Noir Poster So, Jim talked about the patent…

A Fortune Telling Noir Poster

So, Jim talked about the patent pending assignment on his blog. A post on #wire106 the run of #ds106 now at a terminal near you: I went to Tom’s Blog: and he had pretty detailed details on how to do it! Loved it. …

DS106 Patent Pending 3

UFO Solved.  Someone has been building them sense 1957.

Don’t we all feel silly.

DS106 Patent Pending 2

When you work with a genius of electricity should you be careful when he wants you to turn things on
and then backs away slowly?

DS106 Patent Pending

As soon as I saw the patent image of the plane I thought of Di Vinci’s Man.  I thought about the difference between how it might have been drawn in 1490 vs 1977.  Is there a Di Vinci out there today.


I am a history teacher and my learners …

Patents Pending

I saw the reprint/remakes of famous patents for sale on a site a while ago and then today I saw them on My Modern Met which resulted in the example below and a new #ds106 assignment.

I remembered that Google lets you browse all kinds of patents and I …

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