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Personal Search Engine

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Submitted by: Katie Barnes

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Create your own search engine! Make it personal, funny, interesting. I recommend using either x-ray goggles, or firebug through firefox. The downside of using firebug is that it is more difficult to use, easier to loose your work, and you have to download firefox and firebug. So I strongly recommend using X-ray goggles. You simply drag it into your bookmarks and start editing. When you are finished click publish, and copy the url that it generates for you. 

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Google remix

Here is the new version of my Google page:

Google remixed

I first figured out a way to use X-ray Goggles by dragging the button directly onto bookmarks toolbar. Then, after visiting the most popular search engine, Google, I clicked on all of the texts that I can change. I …

Agent Maria 2017-03-24 18:48:11

For my second web assignment, I decided to do a personal search engine. To start off, I got x-ray goggles and did a mini tutorial with it. I just want to note that the tutorial is not helpful at all.

I decided I wanted to do a spy-themed search engine …

Personal Search Engine

Using the x-ray goggles provided by a firefox extension, I created my own web browser homepage. Instead of it being “The search engine that never tracks you.” I changed it and wrote Google. Because Google and many other big companies are tracking everyone online to help with advertising and learning …

Unit 8

Telling Stories Within the Web

Reading the description for storytelling on the web is daunting to say the least. Manipulating photos or audio is one thing, but actually digging into a web site and manipulating code (or somehow messing with the guts of the site) seems to me to be …

House of Noir Search Engine (2 pts.)

Here is a search engine that Janelle created for the House of Noir group, which incorporated the font of the classic film series “The Godfather.” The choice of this font reflects how the House of Noir is full of suspenseful twists and turns; we like to think that we lead …

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Tutorials So Far

Tutorial on X-Ray Goggles

In this blog post I will be going over how to use a neat tool called X-Ray Goggles. They allow you to edit the html and websites and edit the content to whatever you want and you can save your edited html to a local version.

You will need to…