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Recite an Original Poem

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Write a poem, but not just any poem.  Your poem must set the scene for your blog theme.  It should match the colors, layout, and overall theme of your posts.  The poem contents/meaning, structure, and length (at least 10 lines) are up to you.

This poem should be recited using a recording software (or straight to soundcloud) without any extra audio.  You need a steril environment.  This is your blog so we should only hear your voice!!

Embed the audio into a blog post and tag it appropriatly.  Remember, we will all see the theme of your blog in the post!  Don't forget Design week; use the shapes and layout as inspiration.  Read through this to learn more about what the colors on your blog can tell someone.

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Submissions So Far

A Sonnet of my Blog and my Vampire

Shades of blue with legends that lurk in between:
Stories that come in different shapes and sizes, sights and sounds;
All of which shape what they mean,
Waiting to be seen in my background.

You’ll see kittens, ducks, and moments of fun,
Spattered amongst my social media hijinks.
This is …


The assignment was to create an original poem, but I took it one step further. I decided to improvise the entire thing!

Now, I do actually write poetry and I wouldn’t call what I did here anything special. BUT I do think this was an interesting challenge for me. Maybe …

Tossed Salads & Scrambled Eggs

For my next trick, and therefore, my second task worth three-and-a-half stars instead of four, I wrote, and recited, an original poem based on the themes of Mitchell’s Hot Topics; this poem focused on the red, orange and yellow coloring scheme the site largely has, up to, and including, …

Through the Forest: An Original Poem

Through the sunbeams in the leaves
the sturdy trunks support the sky.
Birds chirp quips about you as you walk.
Through the forest of yellow fog,
a hazy sea with swirls of green,
shadows stretching out their arms,
reaching out to lead you deeper.
I’ve long been in these woods, …

Heavy Metal In Space

For these of you who read the title and though “is this guy serious?”, yes, this is a poem about heavy metal in space. For this assignment, we were supposed to recite a poem about our blog. My blog has space pictures, and references a heavy metal album, …

The Little Things in Life

For this Audio Assignment, worth 3.5 stars, we were asked to write a poem that sets the scene for our blog.  Since my blog is The Little Things in Life, I wrote a poem containing some of the little things that help make life better.  It is the simple …

Steel’s City – Original Poem

The second assignment I did this week was create and recite an original poem. This assignment was worth 3.5 stars. Here is the assignment page.

I wrote my poem about my character, Billy “Saw” Steel. More specifically, it is about Steel’s home city, Detroit, and the neighborhood in which he …


An original poem inspired by the raw talent and life inside of the show THE WIRE. check her out. The ruthlessness of the game is just one thing but your life is ticking on THE WIRE!

Ruthless…Orignal Wire Poem


The second audio assignment which I had to do was to recite an original poem through this audio assignment with 3 1/2 stars.  I decided to go raw on this one as I found that audio may detract from what my original statement intended to be during my audio …

Real On The Wire

For my last Audio Assignment I chose the 3 1/2 star “Recite an Original Poem”. I chose to approach a summation of what The Wire is constantly reminding us. The overall message implied one should walk away from this series with. The game here is one of many levels, replicated …

The Final Frontier

An original poem related to the theme of my blog? I like it. For another audio assignment, I decided to tackle this prompt. Since my blog has a very heavy space theme, and one of the main topics in general is art, I decided to relate how the cosmos …

AudioAssignments, AudioAssignments1321, An Original Poem “The Wire”

My Original poem:  “The Wire” (3 stars)

This poem was written in Microsoft Word and then I recited the track directly into Soundcloud.  My poem was written to talk about the game.  The characters that we watch in each episode are all players in a the game of life.  This …

Shallow Life

The theme of my blog is one of my favorite rappers. His given name is Jamal Dewar but he went by Capital STEEZ. Dewar took his own life on December 24, 2012 at the age of 19. I was so amazed by his intelligence and his wordplay in his songs. …

Who Knew I Was Such A Poet?

Yet again, it was time to choose an assignment from the Assignment Bank. Season 2, episode 1 of The Wire changed dramatically. Unlike the first season, the show takes place on the Harbor where McNulty has been reassigned. Since I haven’t watched the rest of the season, i’m not …

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