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Remembrances of Things Past

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Submitted by: Sandy Brown Jensen

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Recall an important childhood location or scenario. Build a representative replica out of small, available materials such as a sandbox or Legos, or even a drawn map. Make a short, narrated video that tells the story of that world and its features and what happened there. Be passionate, be specific. Don't be afraid to express the honorable emotions of nostalgia, anger, bewilderment, wonder... (example)

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A Powerful Discovery

For my final assignment I chose Remembrance of Things Past (3.5 stars). This assignment said to create a representation of an important childhood location. I decided to go back to the origin story of my character and draw the first moment she was able to use her powers (even if …

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Tutorials So Far

How to Create a Child’s Drawing

For this assignment I decided to create a tutorial on how I complete my childhood representation video. I struggled a lot with this myself because it involved so many different programs. Here is my step my step of how to create a screen recording of drawing on paint and …