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“Remind Me Someday”

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Submitted by: Mitchell Eubank

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We all remember the infamous Nickelback mashup, "How You Remind Me of Someday." However, Chad Kroeger and company aren't the only musicians with similar-sounding songs. For this assignment, I suggest that participants use Audacity and SoundCloud to pull off the same infamous stunt as before, but with another musical act of their choosing. It can be Nickelback, again, for optional authenticity, but the focus of this challenge will be on the variety.

(WARNING: This is only for comedic effect. This is a parody of the original mashup, and you're not supposed to take this seriously, and just have fun with it. This is one of those occasions where the learning experience gained is more important than the final product made.)

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Remind Me Someday

The following is a step-by-step breakdown of an original concept of mine. It should be noted, before we start, that this is a parody of mashup tracks, in that the results will most likely be far less than desired and far more than hilarious. Hopefully, you’ll enjoy listening to the …