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Remix a Song with some Speech

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Submitted by: Stefanie

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Take a song and some speech and remix both. Make it meaningful and give it a message. For example this is often used to cite politicians and underline the importance of a statement. (For me coming from Berlin these could be JFK's words "Ich bin ein Berliner!" -

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Submissions So Far

Speech to Music

For the Remix a Song With Some Speech assignment, I chose a speech made by Senator Ron Paul in 2011 set to free use music by Jon Watts (found at the Free Music Archive). This is one of my favorite speeches ever made. Of course, it’s a controversial speech, …

Remix A Song With Some Speech

*This assignment immediately caught my eye. I decided to mash up my favorite song (at the moment) and then the most impressive speech. So I chose MLK, I have a dream speech. I had to listen to both recordings a couple times to make sure the mashing up went together. …

Bruno Mars Feat. Ronald Reagan

This is the “Remix a Song with some Speech” assignment from  the ds106 Audio Assignment Bank.

For this assignment we were required to take a song and some speech and remix them. It is supposed to be meaningful and convey a message. I picked the song “When I Was …

Remix, Remix, Remix–Andrea Carr

Trying to create this was a nightmare. Did you know there is absolutely no place to go that has WiFi at UMW? Everyone is either super loud or you’re not “alloud” to make noise (see what I did there :)). I cannot wait until I get moved into a quiet, …

Audio Assignment: Remix a Song with Some Speech (4pts). Steve Jobs and “I Lived”

Steve Jobs’ commencement speech at Stanford in 2005 is probably one of my favorite speeches. I have a few quotes from this speech saved on my computer and whenever I read them, I am put in a better mood and feel more determined to make my dreams reality. I heard …

There’s never been a paper bag…

Inspired by the WaffleStomper, I thought I’d try remixing a song and some speech. Keeping with The Wire theme, I was also inspired by the speech that Major Colvin gave about the history of the paper bag. I decided to mix that with Blake Leyh’s closing theme, The …

Dedication to my mom

Betsey Johnson once said, “With over 3 million women battling breast cancer today, everywhere you turn there is a mother, daughter, sister, or friend who has been affected by breast cancer.” My mom was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2013. I want to dedicate this to my mom. I still …

“Their Finest Hour”

This is my rendition of the audio assignment “Remix A Song With Some Speech”. I love old westerns, particularly the ones that Elmer Bernstein scored, so I knew I’d use one of my favorites which is the theme he wrote for “The Magnificent Seven”.  It’s a rousing, heroic piece so …

Feeling Inspired….Audio Assignment

Audio Assignment:  Feeling Inspired:

The audio assignment which I choose to do was the Remix a Song with Some Speech worth 4 stars assignment where I choose to use Martin Luther King Jr.’s “I have a dream speech,”  whose audio  I got from Mp3Skull by doing a search for this, …

Macklemore’s “Same Love” Speech & Song Remix

I decided to do the Remix a Song with Some Speech assignment. I thought it would be interesting to remix Macklemore’s “Same Love” with a bunch of news clips about gay rights in the U.S.

I got the song and the news clips from YouTube and used an online converter …

Entirely Joined Meaning

I was always confused by all the definitions of remix and mashup, but now I dare to publish a remix (mashup?) from a song and recorded speech (both by me) that is my very personal way to explain remix.

How I did this. Look here for a tutorial on it!…

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Tutorials So Far

Remix a Song with Some Speech Tutorial

How to do Remix a Song with Some Speech (you can see mine here):

Decide on what song you want to use.

Consider what ideas or themes are present in the song and how you could incorporate some speech relating to it? Are there any political undertones? Is there…

A Remix Remix

I am sure you have already listen to a remix where you can hear a song interrupted by someone saying something. This is exactly what the tutorial is about.

I will create this kind of remix and by that telling you about the foundations of Audacity which is a sound …