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Remix an Album Cover

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Submitted by: Jim Groom

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Find an iconic album cover and remix it to represent a something different. It can be a play on the title, the image, the aesthetic, genre, etc. See the visual example featuring Snoop Dog and Dr Dre as Chronic Youth (a play on Sonic Youth's album cover Goo).

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Submissions So Far

A dreadful album for a dreadful legend.

Tells of Mr, Crawlston have circulated through the West for generations, becoming its own corner of paranormal/pop culture storytelling that people love to use again…and again…and again…ad nauseum thinking they’re being edgy and clever.

It is no different with the British upstart band “Black Sabbath”, a bunch of dour, talentless …

The Beatles Go to the Lake

My next mashup assignment involved changing up an iconic album cover. I chose to use the Abbey Road album cover and made the street water and the crosswalk a wooden bridge they have to walk across. I used GIMP again for this assignment. I changed the color of the road …

#tdc1547 Van Gogh goes #DS106

First Daily in a while, so though it was worth a quick post.

#tdc1547 Make a Van Gogh – Make him go for DS106 | The (new) Daily Create

The original DS106 image from DS106: The Open Online Community of Digital Storytellers by Jim Groom — Kickstarter Not sure who …

The Beatles Hair Promo

The Beatles Hair Promo – Let it Grow!

Michael bring flowers to Repsag

This assignment is worth 2 stars and it asked to change a music album cover. For this reason I choose the album cover for Thriller by Michael Jackson and I added a flower bouquet. I did it in paint, nothing too fancy it was simple and easy to add a …

The Joker (Remix an Album Cover)

The next assignment that I decided to do was Remix An Album Cover. The goal behind this assignment is to take a classic album cover and remix something within it. Whether it be the title, image, or aesthetics of the cover. To do this, I had to first decide …

Death Note Album Cover (Remix an Album Cover***)

What do you get when you cross a Japanese cartoon with an English band? You get a remixed album cover!

This cover was created for the Remix an Album Cover remix assignment. This image is a parody of the Gorillaz Demon Days album cover which features all four of the …

Remix An Album – Buddy Holly

For this assignment students were to remix an album cover. I decided to take a minimalists approach to Buddy Holly’s, “That’ll Be The Day.” Originally the album Holly standing infront of the sunset, today that would be kinda cliche. So instead I decided to see if simple is really better. However, I hade two variations and could not decide which one was better, so …

Remix An Album Cover

I love the beatles and my favorite album cover is Abbey Road. So when i saw the assignement Remix An Album Cover I knew exactly which album cover i wanted to do but how would i remix it was what took me the most time coming up with. I came…

Remix Album Cover

The second assignment  that I decided to complete for my Mashup Assignments was the Remix an album cover, which was worth 3 stars. The assignment required taking an album cover and making it represent something completely different. For this assignment I thought that I would take a crazy album cover…

Remixed Album Cover

Rihanna is my favorite artist(if you all haven’t noticed by now) and I know every single one of her songs. When I saw the album cover assignment, I knew exactly what to do. Rihanna has a song called “S&M” which in reference to sexual acts. It stands for Sadism and…

The New Wave

A tribute remix of Yaz(oo)’s (1982) “Upstairs at Eric’s”.   Remixed album cover DS106 assignment #211 (by my brother from another mother, Jim Groom). Homage to Bunkhouse X, the new wave of campers–freedom fighters, truth tellers, and lovers. Tell me Bunkhouse X, “Didn’t I bring your love down? All night?”

I Wish I Had a Carpenter

Walking around NYC this afternoon I saw the IFC Cinemetal t-shirts (scroll down that page—what a terrible website the IFC center has) at their theater off West 4th Street and I really, really wanted the Carpenter t-shirt. These t-shirts are heavy metal t-shirts/album covers mashed up with film diirectors. For…

Mashup – Remix of an Album Cover

I did the DS 106 Mashup assignment. It was to create a remix of an album cover. I choose to do the album cover of 30 Seconds to Mars – This Is War. I personally love the album and the songs on it.…


Let’s Remix an Album Cover!
“Remix an Album Cover” is a Mashup assignment which you will find an album cover and remix it to represent something else. What you alter can be anything – it can be a play on the title, the image, the aesthetic, genre, etc.

This is…

Mashin up Album covers

In This mashup assignment you were supposed to remix an iconic Album cover to mean something else.  Instead I sort of went in a different direction and combined two album covers from 2 of my favorite bands Mogwai and Boards of Canada.  I used Mogwai’s EP+6 cover and  BOC’s (Boards…

Boys Like Beatles and…


I can’t lie. My music library has not changed since high school. I happily listen to the album, Dark was the Night on repeat for hours.  Yet, when I saw this assignment, I knew I wanted to poke…

15. never mind the **** (ds106 #6)

During this new section of Cyberspace and Society, we’ve been prompted to try to do each DS106 assignments from a different category because some student – aka me – have a tendency of just sticking to one category – aka my beloved design category. So, I spent a bit of time throughly browsing all the options … Continue reading »

DS106- Album Cover Remix

Original Assignment Link
THE ASSIGNMENT:  The assignment was to f ind an iconic album cover and remix it to represent a something different.  It could be a play on the title, image, genre, etc.

THE PROCESS:  I went online to find cartoon characters to match the description of what I…

Pioneer Queens

Making their comback this July.

Find an iconic album cover and remix it to represent a something different. It can be a play on the title, the image, the aesthetic, genre, etc
Using the Queen album Queen II, I reworked four pioneers into the shot.  Though the image did not…


For my first assignment I choose to do one from the mashup group . The assignment I choose was the Remix an Album Cover. For this assingment i choose to use a kanye west alum cover because he is my favorite artist . I used his 808 & Heartbreak cover…

ds106 Crusader

Here is my first pass at mashing up Saxon’s Crusader album cover for ds106. Next semester I will have to spend a lot more time getting better at Photoshop/GIMP because it is all too evident I still suck. Anyway, join the ds106 crusade to rid the land of boring ass…

New York Rock City

Grant Potter, Mikhail Gershovich, GNA Garcia, Jim Groom on their tour through NYC Fall 2011.
Inspired by Grant’s amazing retrospective of his tour of NYC last night on DS106 Radio, I decided the NYC Jam deserved it’s own album cover. This is my second album cover mashup made in response…

Remix an Album Cover

Mikhail Gershovich pointed me to this crazy album cover remix of Sonic Youth’s Goo done by Juciy:
And in the event you don’t know the original, here it is:
After seeing it, I immediately thought of a #ds106 design/mashup assignment, and tweeted as much.  And before I could even submit…

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Tutorials So Far

Parental Advisory – Foolish Negro (Mashup assignment)

  I had fun with this one. For those that don’t know, the artist above is Wiz Khalifa. This is the cover of his latest album. As you can see he clear looks like a damn fool, so I decided … Continue reading