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Swede a Scene

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The concept comes from "Be Kind, Rewind", a 2008 comedy movie where two clerks in a video store accidently erase their inventory and attempt to recreate the movies themselves. To swede, choose a scene (or two or three) from a film and recreate it! Use your friends, family, or strangers to stand in for characters. Be creative finding or making props. Don't be shy in taking artistic license with dialog.

Check out a sweded version of Jurassic Park

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Be Kind, Rewind

For this project I recreated a scene from Wizard of Oz with my own twist.  Honestly I think I like mine more than the original. XD  Plus, I think my dog did a better job acting out the role of Todo.    Or maybe I was a fan of my version …

5 Stars: Swedeing Fightclub

For my final assignment this week, I have chosen to recreate my favorite scene from Fight Club for the “Swede a Scene” assignment.

Oh wow.  Wow.  Haha. Wow.  Now you all know why I’m not a theatre major.  I can’t deliver lines AT ALL.  Pretty decent at hitting myself, though.  …

Venus Transit Swede Animated GIF #DS106

On June 6, 2012 millions watched the transit of Venus across the sun. While millions watched, many others missed this rare celestial phenomenon. Some people missed it because they were looking the wrong way or they live on the wrong side of the planet. Others missed out simply because the…

Swede a scene 5 points

This video is of me doing an reactment of the movie the Blair witch project its the apologize scene. Where the lady is saying her sorry’s and goodbye because she is about to die.I used the videditor application on my iphone. This is actually one of my favorite scenes from…

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