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Switch the Soundtrack

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Take the sound from one video and put it with the video of another. And make it work somehow.

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Big Lessons

I created this video in accordance with this assignment, which calls for you to take the audio of a film and put it over a video clip of a different movie while somehow relating them. I decided to put a little twist on this mashup by incorporating my character …

Switch the Soundtrack!

For my last mashup assignment, I decided to do Switch the Soundtrack for 3 stars! This assignment turned out to be pretty fun! Basically, I had to use a video clip from one movie and replace the audio with sound from another, but the change had to make sense! I …

Vader goes Duke.

I took a short Star wars clip and replaced a piece of Darth Vader’s dialog with a little  John Wayne.

To do this I went to Kelsey Stanbro’s blog page and got a little education.  I then converted two you-tube clips into audio files with a free mp3 converter. …

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