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Taking Back Spam

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Submitted by: Alan Liddell

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Find some spam. Could be email spam, could be comment spam, whatever you want. Read it aloud. Make it your own. Try to make sense of it or make it more absurd than it already is.

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Submissions So Far

Taking Back Spam

For this assignment, I used this Robot Voice Generator to read my spam comments from my blog. I thought it would be interesting to use a robot voice instead of my own voice or a different generator to read spam comments, since spam comments are usually automatically generated by “robots” …

Spam Audio

This is a spam email I received on my umw email account. I usually receive many of these spam emails and you can easily tell it is fake and spam. Never click on random links from spam emails or you will get your email account hacked.

UMW Spam

I was initially attracted to this assignment due to the sheer amount of spam my UMW email account has become inundated with.  I liked the idea of reclaiming these annoying adds/tricks, so I found a poorly phrased piece of spam relegated to the junk section of my email.  In recording …



For my last assignment, I did the assignment where I have to read a spam email out loud. I looked through my school email’s spam folder, and found this gem:

These “your account is invalid” phishing emails always have horrendous grammar and spelling. I love them. Anyways, here’s …

Spam me

I took back spam this week.

My work email is being bombarded by promotions and whatnot we’re doing. They’re things of which I don’t have to be aware. Here’s an example:

I used audacity to record myself reading one of the emails I constantly receive. I added on some …

Sir Spamalot – a ds106 Audio Assignment

I feel that I am not old enough yet to be getting spam for burial life insurance but I guess I am wrong. I when dumpster diving in my spam folder to find something interesting for an audio creation assignment, that ask I record and transform a piece of spam. …

Spam, Spam, Spam, Spam….

Spam? I have loads of it. In fact, it is starting to make my college e-mail unusable. Good thing I will be rid of it soon…

After finding a suitable piece of spam, I decided this would be a good opportunity to develop my character. Low voice, deliberate speech, comically …

Spam spam spam spam

This was a quick one-star assignment to read spam. I interpreted it in a different way- I read a SPAM radio ad from the ’50s instead. I found the ad here and thought what it would sound like if Delia read it- small-time voice actress and all.

After I …

Seems legit


This was a fun little challenge to do as my final audio assignment. I immediately knew I was going to use this strange text message that I received about a week ago offering – at least I think it was offering – a free cruise. I always immediately …

My Spam is Your Spam

Here is the link to my work:

Message in an (internet) Bottle (of sorts)

For my second audio assignment this week, I completed Taking Back Spam from the Audio Assignment Bank

The sources I used to search for SPAM mail were my personal e-mail accounts; however, I soon found that I did not have very interesting things in my SPAM folder.  The one …

Spam in the Twilight Zone

Just had to knock out a star real quick.  This is a random spam email I got.

Here is a link to the assignment.

Difficulty: 1 star…

Personal Spam

So this assignment was called “Taking Back Spam” and it was pretty simply: to find a piece of spam and read it out loud in our own way.  I added a little extra sentence at the beginning to convey my own feelings about the spammers and what it sounds like …

Excellent Marketing for Nike Products

Taking Back Spam

Find some spam. Could be email spam, could be comment spam, whatever you want. Read it aloud. Make it your own. Try to make sense of it or make it more absurd than it already is.

This spam came from the comments section on my blog! Wow …

Star 1

Take that Spam

Spam is the worst, is it not?

Thanks to my “Akismet” plugin, I don’t see spam comments on the blog unless I click on the “Spam” tab. I have to admit that reading through the Spam comments makes me laugh and shake my head! So ridiculous and the spelling is …

Taking Back Spam- 1 Star

I get a ton of email spam. And by a ton, I mean approximately 3-5 a day. I’m not exactly sure why I get so much spam (I rarely sign my email up for anything anymore) but I do. The one I read is a spam email I’ve gotten at …


So it was back to audio for the past couple weeks! I (again) dreaded it, so I started off with a pretty easy audio assignmentTaking Back Spam, from the ds106 assignment bank to get back into the swing of things.  Rated 1 star, this assignment called for …

A New Comment is Waiting for your Approval

This is some spam from my WordPress Blog (even though I do have a spam-blocker). The audio assignment “Taking Back Spam” required me to read some spam (whether it be mail, a comment, etc) and to either try to make sense of it, or to make it more absurd…

Marc as SPAM

The Assignment: Looking through the great list of ds106 audio assignments, I was drawn to Taking Back Spam. We are supposed to read a piece of spam aloud either trying to make sense of it or rendering it even more absurd with the one caveat that we own it.

Tacking Back Spam

I get a lot of spam everyday it sometimes becomes annoying. This is just the latest spam email I received from soundcloud. I get about 10 of these a day…


I still don’t know why people spam my WordPress with weird comments, but they do.  Here’s an example for the Taking Back Spam audio assignment:
Taking Back Spam by maura_monahan
Assignment Details…

Spam My Heart

I made this for Alan Liddell’s audio assignment Taking Back Spam. This is some spam I actually received on the DS106 site.
Man, that’s deep. The song is “E-Mail My Heart” by Britney Spears.…

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Tutorials So Far

Spam, A Delicious Meat, but the Virtual Kind is Terrible

The Assignment:
Find some spam. Could be email spam, could be comment spam, whatever you want. Read it aloud. Make it your own. Try to make sense of it or make it more absurd than it already is.

The Process/Story: I don’t really have a story for this, because it’s…