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Techno Viking Music Video

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Submitted by: Wesley Roberts

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Take a music video and edit in the Techno Viking dancing as if it were part of the original video. 

The original video can be found here.

Make sure that the dancing syncs well with the music and original video. 

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Submissions So Far

Jackson Five Techno Viking

For my first mashup assignment, I chose to do the Techno Viking Music Video assignment (5 stars). First, I downloaded the original techno viking video, then the difficult part came: what to pair it with? I tried to go for something funny, like Britney Spears or Spice Girls, but …

Mashup: Eminem+Techno Viking

For my second Mashup Assignment of the week, I decided to do the Techno Viking Music Video assignment.  The premise behind the assignment was to take a music video and incorporate scenes from the Techno Viking video at certain points of the song.  The music video/song that I chose to …

Cobra Starship Meets Techno Viking

I decided to do the Techno Viking Music Video mashup assignment.

I figured the Techno Viking clip would fit well in a music video that included people dancing. I immediately thought of Cobra Starship’s “Send My Love to the Dancefloor, I’ll See You in Hell.” I’ve been a …

Viking Dubstep Cat

For the first of my mash up assignments, I decided to do the Techno Viking Music Video assignment. We were asked to take one video with music in it, and place a clip of a dancing guy inside it. It seems easy, but the real trick was to make sure …

Martin Garrix Vs. Techno Viking

For this assignment, I decided to mash techno viking and Animals by Martin Garrix together. I tried to link the part where the techno viking really gets into it and when the beat drops so that it almost looked like he was dancing in sync. Hope you guys enjoy it …

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