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That Bucket List Though

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Have you ever made a mental list of things you wanted to do or try or jokingly said "That's going on my bucket list!" Well, now is the time to stop messing around and actually make a bucket list. Write down a list of at least five things that you want to do or try, but do not stop there! Give the world a reason why those things are on your list regardless of how crazy or lame it may be. 

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That Bucket List Though

Bucket lists are a pretty cool idea, but they’re also kind of eerie because it’s something you have to do before you die…

Here are the 5 things on my bucket list:

Meet Taylor Swift

This is on my bucket list because I really like Taylor Swift and since I …

Bucket List

Okay, so I have a crap ton (a bucket load?) of things on my bucket list. Especially when it comes to traveling.

Right now my top destinations are:
1. Ireland (which I get to experience for my honeymoon next year, so yay!)
2. Italy (I’ve lived in Europe basically my …

My Bucket List!

This writing assignment intrigued me because I really have never thought about making a bucket list. I have seen others make one or make comments about their own but, I never really thought about mine. I know there are many things I would like to do and see in my …

Dat bucket list doe

For this assignment I am to write five things for my bucket list and reasons why, so here I go!

1.) Compete in either and NPC Bikini or Figure show and win my pro card. I love the sport of bodybuilding and with my competitive dance background I’ve been itching …


Yeah, you. You will only live once, so what are you going to do? Well whatever it is, I’m sure it’s great. Today I am going to be sharing with you what I plan to do in my lifetime. Considering the assignment calls for a bucket list of 5, I …

Adventure is out there

It feels like yesterday that my family and I packed up my belongings and moved me to UMW for my first semester freshman year. The fact that I am a senior and about to graduate really puts in perspective how fast time moves and that I am about to be …

I want to dance in the rain with Betty White.

My last Assignment Bank project of the week is “That Bucket List Though” worth 2 stars.

This is what I imagine LaNoir’s bucket list to look like:

1: Find the perfect black scarf

2: Dance in the rain with Betty White

3: Mix her own perfume

4: Watch …

Buy Me A Bucket

For this writing assignment from the assignment bank I had to write a bucket list that could have been legit or illegitimate. I actually started a bucket list in high school with stupid stuff on it, most of which I have already completed, and just add onto and check off …

A bucket list

Bucket List:

Successfully complete a “Eat the whole thing and your meal is free” challenge. – You never have to pay for a meal again, because you won’t feel like eating ever again.

Go Skydiving – Weightlessness? Screaming? Sounds good

Get struck by lightning – only so many people can …

Where in the World?!

As nerdy or cliche as it may sound, I do have a bucket list that I actually update and check things off! I don’t really know where, when or why I started one, but at some point in my life, I wanted to keep a list of things to do …

le listo de bucket… uh… o.

1 – Learn another language – As the title to this post might suggest, I don’t know Spanish.  I have always been interested in learning though.  I think it’s a marketable skill, and the process of learning a language has always fascinated me.  I took a few Spanish classes in …

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